Uninstalling Mobileezy

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Uninstalling Mobileezy

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Both the Mobileezy desktop and handheld application are easily uninstalled. Instructions for how to do so are found below.

Make sure you have synchronised and exported all transactions before uninstalling!

Uninstalling the Desktop Administrator        Uninstalling the Desktop Administrator

To uninstall the Desktop Administrator:

1.From the Windows desktop, open the Control Panel
2.Open Programs and Features
3.Locate Mobileezy in the list of installed programs
4.Right click on the name and select Uninstall from the menu
5.Follow the prompts to remove Mobileezy from your computer

Uninstalling from an Android device        Uninstalling Mobileezy Handheld App

Uninstalling Mobileezy from an Android device can be completed using either the device's application manager or the Google Play Store.

Using the Application Manager:

1.Locate and open the Settings app
2.Select the More option
3.Open the Application manager
4.Locate Mobileezy in the list and tap on it to open
5.Select the Uninstall button and then follow the prompts to uninstall

From the Google Play Store:

1.Locate the Play Store app on the Android device
2.Search for Mobileezy using the search box
3.Select Mobileezy from the list
4.Press the Uninstall button to remove the application

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