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The Stock Module opens up additional functionality on the Mobileezy Handheld App, including the ability to logon to a stock location and to complete stock transactions.  Without this added functionality, only overall stock levels from your Accounting System will be visible on the handheld. This topic provides some step by step instructions for functions available with the Stock Module.

The Stock Module gives additional functionality to the handheld user, enabling stock levels to be viewed on the handheld and stock transactions completed by users.

Logging on to the Stock Location        Logging on to the Stock Location

Sales made on the Mobileezy Handheld App will affect stock levels in the users' logged on location.  This makes it important to ensure that the employee logs onto the correct location.  By default, the handheld will automatically log on to the default location defined in the Users tab.  See Assigning User Defaults.

To change the logged on location:

1.Tap on the location name
2.Select the location from the list
Screenshot of Logging onto the Stock Location
Logging on to the Stock Location

Note: The list of locations available to the user can be controlled by the profile setting Allow Branch Type (see Stock Locations (Controlling Access to Stock Locations on the Handheld))

Performing a Stocktake        Performing a Stocktake

See Stocktakes for step by step instructions for performing a stocktake on the handheld.

Moving Stock Between Locations        Moving Stock Between Locations

Moving stock locations between locations is completed via a Stock Adjustment transaction.

See Stock Adjustments for step by step instructions.

Viewing Stock Levels in a Location        Viewing Stock Levels in a Location

Current stock levels in your stock locations can be viewed from the Mobileezy Handheld App.  By default, Mobileezy will display stock levels for the currently logged in location.

To view stock levels for a different location:

1.Tap on the Cards tab
2.Tap on the Cards List button
3.Select Locations from the pick list
4.Tap on the location you would like to see stock levels in
5.Tap on the Item List button
6.Set the display to On Hand

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