Handheld Reports

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Handheld Reports

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There are a number of reports that can only be accessed from the handheld device and that will display data that is applicable to sales made and payments taken on that handheld.  These reports can be useful for providing a summary of sales made (by value or quantity), payments taken (by value and type) and for reconciling the days sales, with payments taken and stock used at the end of each day.  Of the six available handheld reports, three are designed to be displayed on the screen (but can also be printed) and three are only available as printable reports.

Handheld reports can be used to reconcile the days sales, payments and stock.  Reports can be printed when paired with a supported printer and setup in the handheld preferences.


Accessing Handheld Reports        Using Handheld Reports

The handheld reports are accessed via a hidden menu on the Mobileezy Handheld App.  To access this menu:

1.From the home screen tap on the Android control menu.


2.There are 6 reports available, the three reports at the top of the menu will display on the screen from where they can be printed to a compatible printer (see Printing from the Handheld).  To run any of these reports, tap on the report name in the menu and the report will be displayed on the screen.  Use the onscreen filters to alter the time period for the report.
Screenshot of the Reports Menu Showing Onscreen Reports
Onscreen Reports
Screenshot of the Setting the Report Filters for Onscreen Reports
Setting the Report Filters
3.The lower reports with the word Print before their name will print directly to a printer if configured.  To run any of these reports tap on the report name in the menu to trigger printing of the report. Note The inventory summary may be a very long print out if you carry a lot of stock lines.
Screenshot of the Reports Menu Showing Printable Reports
Printed Reports


Note:  If your reports are not showing expected data, check that your archive period has been set and that you have enabled the handheld preference advanced setting to show archive transactions in reports.

Available Reports        Available Report Details

There are six reports available, described in the table below:

Report Name



Customer Payments Summary


Displays the total value of payments applied by payment type and a payment total.

Item Sales [Quantity]


Displays total quantity of items sold by item description and total number of items sold.

Item Sales [Amount]


Displays total value of items sold by item description and total value of items sold.

Daily Report


Prints summary of total profit on completed invoices.  Includes invoice number, date, sale price, cost price and net profit.

Reconciliation Summary


Prints summary of daily sales by payments taken. Includes transaction reference number, customer name, total sale value and amount paid.

Inventory Summary


Prints total summary of stock holdings by quantity and value for the logged on stock location.  Includes item code, description, qty on hand, per item cost and total cost.


Profile Settings Affecting Handheld Reports        Profile Settings Affecting Handheld Reports

There are two profile settings which will affect the availability of handheld reports to the handheld user.  These are detailed in the table below.

Profile Setting


Allow Reconciliation Summary Report

Controls whether the Reconciliation Summary Report will be shown in the handheld reports menu (Defaults to No)

Display Cost Price

Controls whether cost prices are available to the handheld user.  If set to No, the Daily report will not be available. (Defaults to No)

Configuring the Report Printer        Configuring the Report Printer

To enable printing the report printer must be configured under the handheld preferences menu and the handheld paired to the printer.  See Handheld Preferences and Printing.

Reconciliation Summary Report        Reconciliation Summary Report

The Reconciliation Summary Report is useful for reconciling payments taken during a day against the daily transactions.  It is commonly used in cash van environments where cash collected must be reconciled against invoices raised at the end of each day.

An example of the reconciliation summary report can be viewed below.

Daily Reconciliation Summary Report Example



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