Installing the Handheld Application

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Installing the Handheld Application

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The Mobileezy Handheld App must be installed on each of the handheld devices that you want to connect to the Desktop Administrator.  Installation is a simple process that can either be completed via the Google Play store or directly from the Mobileezy website.


Before starting the installation check that your handheld device is compatible in minimum system requirements and that you have an internet connection.


Installation Steps        Process For Setup of the Mobileezy Handheld App

The steps for setup are:

1.Connect to the internet
2.Download the application file
3.Install the application
4.Connect the handheld to the Desktop Administrator

Downloading and installing from the Google Play Store        Installing from the Google Play Store (Recommended)

Installing from the Google Play Store is the preferred method of installation.  It will require you to have setup a Google account on your Android device.  To complete the installation, do the following:

1.Open the Google Play Store application
Screenshot of the Play Store app on Android device
Open the Play Store
2.Type Mobileezy into the search field
Screenshot of searching for Mobileezy in the Play Store
Search for Mobileezy
3.Select Mobileezy v8 from the available applications
Screenshot of Selecting from the Play Store
Select Mobileezy v8
4.Tap the Install button to install (you will also need to accept the following warning dialogue to continue with the installation)
Screenshot of Installing from the Play Store
Selecting Install
5.When the download has completed, press the Open button and then follow the instructions for Connecting Handheld devices

Download and install of Mobileezy to Android Device        Installing from the Mobileezy website

The following steps are used for downloading and installation from the Mobileezy website.  All of these steps are completed on the Android device while it is connected to the internet.

1.Allow installation of non-market apps by tapping into settings > security and then under Device Administration tick yes for Unknown Sources (this will allow installation of applications from sources other than the Google Play store).
2.Download the Mobileezy Handheld App by browsing to and pressing the Download button.
3.Once downloaded, locate the application file (often found in a download folder) and tap the Install button.  Once the installation is complete, press Open.
4.The application will then start and you will need to follow the steps for creating handheld users and connecting handheld devices to enable connection to the Desktop Administrator.

Mobileezy v7 Android Installation Video


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