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Getting Help

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Anigo Systems provide three levels of support in using the Mobileezy software.  From free online support via this user guide, to email support under the Basic Assist support plan or phone support under the Premium Assist support plan.  Each of these methods are available to you for help in using Mobileezy in your business.


Don't despair - help is available!  If you can't find what you need in this user guide, contact us directly and subscribe to a Mobileezy support plan.


Using the User Guide        The User Guide

The User Guide is available online and is free for use by anyone.  Each page is provided with a unique URL (found at the bottom of each page) which can be saved or bookmarked in your browser.
The guide is updated regularly with new content, especially when new features are introduced in the product.  When we do this we will try to maintain the existing URL links.
The User Guide is located at

Premium Assist Support Package        Premium Assist Support Plan

The Premium Assist support plan provides you with ongoing assistance with the Mobileezy software product including access to free software upgrades for both handheld and desktop versions and access to priority telephone and unlimited email support.
Premium Assist is available for all subscriptions and is charged above the basic monthly rate.
Loan devices are available on a monthly rental basis at a discounted rate should you need access to a printer or handheld device for a short period of time.

To find out more or purchase a Mobileezy support plan, contact

Basic Assist Support Package        Basic Assist Support Plan

The Basic Assist support plan provides you with ongoing assistance with the Mobileezy software product including access to free software upgrades for both handheld and desktop versions and access to unlimited email support.
Basic Assist is provided free with all Mobileezy subscriptions.
If you have urgent support requirements telephone support is available with On Demand support on a per incident basis.

On Demand Support        On Demand Support

On Demand telephone support is provided for customers who do not have a current Premium Assist support plan but request immediate telephone assistance.
This is charged on a per incident basis.

Lodging a Support Request        Lodging a Support Request

To lodge a support request by email simply send an email to  In your email describe what you need and provide screenshots or examples where possible.
To obtain support by telephone, call Anigo Systems on +61 3 9548 9114 between the hours of 9am to 5:00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Technical Services        Technical Services

Anigo Systems provide additional services that can support your use of the Mobileezy software but are not explicitly covered under a support plan.  These services include those listed in the table below.  If you need assistance with any of the below, please contact us on +61 3 9548 9114.

Technical Service


Mobileezy Deployment or Redeployment

Installation of Desktop Administrator or Desktop Order Entry System on the customer’s computer, connection of Mobileezy to the Accounting System, import of data into Mobileezy from the Accounting System, configuration of routers/modems required for successful installation, synchronisation of handhelds and testing of all connections.

Router/modem Configuration:

Configuration or reconfiguration of a router or modem to enable synchronisation of data from Mobileezy Handheld App devices.  Not charged on first installation of the software under the Premium Assist Package.

Hardware Configuration

Configuration of hardware devices, such as Blue Tooth pairing, enabling wi-fi, soft and hard reset.  Not charged on first provision of hardware devices purchased from Anigo Systems.

Implementation & Training

Delivery of Mobileezy training programs, including software product and module features.  Implementation includes advice on system and profile settings and configuration of Mobileezy to suit the business workflow.  It is performed by a specialist with an extensive knowledge of operational workflows and the Mobileezy .

Database Repair or Configuration

Any manipulation of a customers’ Mobileezy database, including but not limited to database conversion, repair and maintenance.

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