Working with Cards

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Working with Cards

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Cards are essential to Mobileezy as they contain information about your customers, suppliers, employees, personal contacts (MYOB only) and stock locations.  Cards are accessed on the handheld device via the Cards tab, they allow the handheld user to view selected information about cards (accounts/customers or contacts) stored in your Accounting System directly on the handheld device.  The type of cards and amount of information available to the handheld user is controlled via profile settings set on the Desktop Administrator.  Information such as contact name, address, phone number and email address can be viewed from the handheld and if you choose to allow it - these fields can also be updated or new cards created remotely and then imported into the Accounting System.

Profile settings are used to control the type of cards and information available to the handheld user and also the ability to create new cards or edit existing cards.


Viewiing Card Details        Viewing Card Details from the Mobileezy Handheld App - the Cards List

Cards are accessed from the Cards tab via the Cards List.  To view card details:

1. Tap on the Cards tab and then the Cards List button
Screenshot of Selecting the Card List
Select the Cards List
2.Select the card type you are searching for (customers, suppliers, employee, personal, location) from the drop down list in the top right corner.
Screenshot of Card Type Selection
Selecting the Card Type
3.Search for the card by either scrolling through the list; or tapping the Search Icon and typing the name in the search box.
Screenshot of Searching for the Card
Searching for the Card
4.Tap on the card to view details and then tap on any of the tabs in the menu bar.

Cards_Menu Bar

Address Tab: shows address and phone number details and A/R balance if switched on.
Info Tab: shows email address; customer billing rate (used for Time Billing transactions); next visit date (if using the runlist module) and any custom field data.
Notes Tab: displays card notes drawn from the Accounting System

Creating a New Customer Card        Creating a New Customer Card

Creating new customer cards from the Mobileezy Handheld App is controlled via the profile setting Allow New Cards.  When switched on, there will be a New Cards button under the Cards tab.  There are two ways of creating a new card:

1.From the Cards tab, tap on the New Cards button
Screenshot of Creating a New Card
Creating a New Card
2.From the Cards List tap on the Cards_New Card icon

Cards_New Card List

3.Select the card type, either Company or Person from the drop down list and enter all mandatory information (denoted with a *).
Screenshot of Entering New Card Details
Entering New Card Details
4.Press ok to finish or the back button to discard.

note: New cards created on the handheld will be denoted with a * until the handheld is synchronised and the card is exported to the Accounting System.  This will occur either when transactions are exported or the datalink is run.

Editing Customer Cards        Editing Customer Cards

Customer card details and notes can be edited on the Mobileezy Handheld App from the card details screen.  To do this:

1.Select the customer from the Card List and tap on the Cards_Edit Card Icon icon in the menu
2.Edit any details in the Info tab and update notes in the Notes tab.
Screenshot of Editing the Card
Editing Cards
3.The card will be updated in the Accounting System when you run the datalink.

Note:  The ability to edit customer cards is controlled by the profile setting Allow Edit Cards.

Profile Settings affecting Cards        Profile settings relating to the availability of cards on the Mobileezy Handheld App

Profile settings affecting cards on the Mobileezy Handheld App are detailed in the table below.


Setting Description

Allow Customer Cards

Controls whether customer cards are sent to the handheld device.  Must be set to Yes for the creation of new sales. (Defaults to Yes)

Allow Employee Cards

Controls whether employee cards are sent to the handheld device.  Must be set to Yes to allow employee login. (Defaults to Yes)

Allow New Cards

Controls the ability to create new cards from the handheld.  When set to yes, a new button becomes available on the Mobileezy Handheld App (Defaults to No)

Allow Personal Cards

Controls whether personal cards are sent to the handheld.  Only available with MYOB. (Defaults to Yes)

Allow Supplier Cards

Controls whether supplier cards are sent to the handheld.  Required for creation of purchase orders. (Defaults to Yes)

Show AR Balance

Controls whether aged receivable balances (30, 60, 90 day) are displayed on the handheld device.  (Defaults to No)

Show Employee Details

Controls whether employee details are sent to the handheld device.  (Defaults to No)

Allow Editing of Customer Cards

Controls whether customer cards can be edited. (Defaults to No)

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