Basic Settings

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Basic Settings

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System settings will apply to the Mobileezy software across all users and are configured under Setup > System Settings.  When you first open the System Setting tab, it will open in Basic Settings mode.  Settings in this mode will affect the behaviour of the software, but are more user friendly than those in the Advanced Settings mode.

Most system settings are 'Set and Forget', that is you will configure them once and then leave them alone!

When to Change System Settings        When to Change System Settings

It is common for system settings to require configuration in the following circumstances:

1. During the initial setup phase
2.When changes to system behaviour are required
3.After the addition of optional modules

How to Change System Settings        How to Change System Settings

System settings are accessed under Setup > System Settings tab.  There are four types of settings that are edited in slightly different ways:

Setting Type

How to Edit

True / False

Change the setting by selecting from the drop down list.

Option List

Change the setting by selecting the option from the drop down list.


Enter a number directly in the setting field.


Enter text (may be an SQL query) directly into the text field.


Note: It is advisable to take a backup of your database before changing any system settings and to prevent handheld users from synchronising until you are certain that you will not need to roll back the change.

Basic Settings Description Table        Basic Settings Description Table

The basic settings are grouped into subsections, each of the toggles below represents one of these subsections.  In some subsections there is only one setting, in others there are multiple settings.



Allow import item primary barcode

Controls whether the primary barcode is imported from the Accounting System and populated in the primary barcode field.  If set to False, the primary barcode can be edited in Mobileezy. (Defaults to True)



Default New Visit Date is N Days Later

Sets the number of days after todays date that a new visit created in DOES defaults to.  (Defaults to 1)

Hide Stock in DOES

Controls whether the stock tab is available to all users in Desktop Order Entry System.  If set to True, the stock tab will be hidden. (Defaults to False)

List Transactions N Days Before

Controls how many days before the current date that transactions will be displayed in Desktop Order Entry System.  Must be entered as a negative number. (Defaults to -60)



Mail Message <Body> Template (transactions)

Text that will appear in the body of the email message. (Default is Blank)

Mail Message <From> Template (transactions)

A name describing who the email message is from. (Default is Blank)

Mail Message <Subject> Template (transactions)

Text that will appear in the subject line of the email. (Default is Blank)

Mail Server Address

The Outgoing Mail Server (SMPT) Address. (Default is Blank)

Mail Server Port

The outgoing mail server port. (Default is 25)

Mail Server Use SSL

Sets whether outgoing mail server uses SSL. (Default is False)

Mail Server User

The Mail Logon User Name. (Default is Blank)

Mail Server User Password

The Mail Logon Password. (Default is Blank)



Auto assign Picking slips

Automatically assigns picking slips to the next handheld user based on the selection in the setting Auto Assign Picking Slip Assign Mode.(Defaults to False)

Auto Assign Picking Slip.AssignMode

Controls the mode for automatic assignment of picking slips.  'Static Assign' means picking slip will be assigned to the user based upon the Auto Assign Picking Slips Rule.  'Dynamic Assign' means the picking slip will be assigned to the first handheld user to synchronise. (Defaults to False)


Controls the rule used for automatic assignment of picking slips.  'ParentTransaction.User' means the picking slip will be assigned to the user on the parent transaction (usually an order request). (Defaults to ParentTransaction.User)



Auto set Picking Slip date to Delivery Day

When enabled, this option will take the DayOfWeek specified in either the Reckon Accounts custom field named DeliveryDay, or from MYOB customer Field 2.  When a picking slip is created from an order request, the date of the picking slip will be set to the date of the next occurrence of that day of the week. (Defaults to False)

Start Mobileezy in full screen mode

Controls whether Mobileezy will start in full screen or reduced size screen.  (Defaults to False)



Send Mobileezy Stock Levels to Handheld

Controls whether the stock level sent to the handheld is sourced from Mobileezy or the Accounting System.  If set to true, stock levels will be sourced from Mobileezy locations.  If it is false, stock levels shown on the handheld will be overall stock levels as shown in the Accounting System. (Defaults to True)



Export Transactions During Sync

Controls whether the Mobileezy desktop will export transactions to the Accounting System during sync.  Options are 'No', 'Only During Full Syncs' and 'On All Syncs'. This setting may increase the sync times. (Defaults to No)

Run Datalink Updates during Sync

Controls whether the Mobileezy desktop will run a datalink during sync.  Options are 'No', 'Only During Full Syncs' and 'On All Syncs'. This setting can increase the sync times. (Defaults to No)

Sync Routing Information on Quick Syncs

Controls whether routing is sent to the handhelds during both quick sync and full sync oprations. (Defaults to False)



Automatically Print Completed Picking Slips

If enabled, when a picking slip is completed on the desktop it will be printed using the system default printer. (Defaults to No)

Default Purchase Customer

Sets the default customer to use in purchase orders if no customer is defined.  (Defaults to Blank)

Default Purchase Tax Code

Controls the default tax code used in purchase transactions, enter the tax code as defined in the Accounting System. (Defaults to Blank)

Require PIN for Special Pricing

Controls whether the user must enter a PIN before pricing can be edited in the special pricing and discounts tab.  The PIN is generated using the remote auth tool. (Defaults to No)

Unfulfilleds do not expire

Controls whether unfulfilled orders generated from backorder picking slips will automatically expire after 30 days.  If set to True, unfulfilled orders never expire.  (Defaults to True)



Disable Template Sharing

Controls whether templates are shared between all handheld users.  (Defaults to True)

Enable Global Template

Controls whether a global template can be created in DOES and sent to every customer.  If a customer already has a template, the user will be able to decide between using the regular template or the global template. (Defaults to False)

Enable Multiple Templates per Customer

Allows multiple templates to be created for a single customer.  Note:  If Auto Create Templates is set to Yes, the combination of settings can lead to the creation of many templates. (Defaults to False)

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