Xero Datalink

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Xero Datalink

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The Xero Datalink is where the connection between Mobileezy and Xero is configured.  This configuration is usually completed during initial installation but it can also be configured or edited after installation.  The Xero datalink requires that Mobileezy is registered as an application in your Xero account and also that a security certificate is added to the Mobileezy application.


Steps for Initial Configuration        Steps for Initial Configuration

There are five simple steps for initial configuration of the Xero datalink.  Each of these must be completed in its entirety before the two systems will be able to exchange data.

1.Download the Mobileezy Certificate files
2.Register Mobileezy with your online Xero account
3.Complete the datalink setup
4.Map the tax codes
5.Run the datalink.

Downloading Mobileezy Certificate Files        Downloading Mobileezy Certificate Files

Before Xero will enable Mobileezy to connect, an authentication certificate must be provided.  This certificate is downloaded from the Mobileezy website.

1.Browse to http://files.mobileezy.com/xero/ and click on the down load link to download the 2 Certificate files.
2.Save the files to a known location on the same computer from where you will run the Datalink.

MYOB AccountRight Live Datalink Settings        Registering Mobileezy with Xero

You will need to register Mobileezy with Xero before the datalink setup can be completed.  To do this:

1.Navigate to the URL, api.xero.com and sign in with your Email/Username and Password.
2.Click on the My Applications tab on the top and fill the information as follows:
Select Private application
Select the Organisation you wish to connect Mobileezy to from the drop down list.
Leave the Public Key Certificate text box empty
Browse for the Certificate File by using the Browse button and selecting the file with the .cer extension and click the Save button.
Screenshot of Adding Mobileezy as a Xero Application
Registering Mobileezy with Xero


After registration, Mobileezy will be listed as an application under the My Applications tab.

MYOB AccountRight Live Datalink Settings        Completing the Xero Datalink Set Up During Initial Installation

To finalise setup of the datalink, there are 4 fields that must be completed in the Xero Datalink dialog.

1.Consumer Key:  The consumer key is found in the My Applications tab in Xero.  From the My Applications tab, click on the Mobileezy application line and then copy and paste the key found in the Consumer Key field under the OAuth Credentials section.
Screenshot of Locating Consumer Key in Xero
Locating the Consumer Key in Xero


2.Path to Certificate: Browse to the location where you have saved the Certificate files and select the Certificate file with the .pfx extension.
3.Certificate Password: Enter the password: mobileezy
4.Account for Payments: Enter the Xero Account Code the you want payments taken in Mobileezy to be posted to.
5.Press the Test Connection button.  If the connection is successful, you will be notified in a dialog.
6.Press Ok and then press the Run Datalink button.

Remapping Tax Codes        Mapping the Tax Codes

Mobileezy supports only 3 digit tax codes, whereas Xero allows long tax code descriptions.  This means that the tax codes between Mobileezy and Xero must be mapped against each other so that a 3 digit tax code is used throughout Mobileezy, but this is converted to the Xero Tax Code when the transaction is exported to Xero.

This exercise will need to be completed the first time Mobileezy is linked to Xero and again if any additional tax codes are created or alterations to tax codes are made in Xero.

To complete the tax code mapping:

1.Run Desktop Administrator, click on the setup icon, select the Datalink tab and click on the Datalink Setup button.
2.Click on the Advanced Tax Code Mapping tab.
Screenshot of Xero Tax Code Mapping
Mapping Mobileezy Tax Codes to Xero


3.Enter a three digit tax code in the Tax Code (Mobileezy) column for each of the Xero Tax codes in the Tax Code (Xero) column and then press the Ok button.  You may choose any combination but each Tax Code must be unique.
4.The default tax codes set in Mobileezy are found in the table below.

Tax Code (Mobileezy)

Tax Code (Xero)




BAS Excluded



GST on Capital



GST Free Capital



GST Free Expenses



GST Free Exports



GST Free Income



GST on Capital Imports



GST on Imports



GST on Expenses



Input Taxed



GST on Income

After setting up the tax codes, you will need to run the datalink to finalise the setup.

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