Welcome to Mobileezy

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Welcome to Mobileezy

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Mobileezy - Innovative Software for Sales and Distribution

Welcome to Mobileezy!  You have chosen a feature rich software program for remote sales and distribution.  It is designed and developed in Australia and used by businesses in a large range of industries from food and beverage distribution to professional services, soil and nursery supplies, pet supplies and even gas supply to name a few.

The system is highly configurable, meaning that the way you use it may be quite different from other businesses.  Depending on the optional modules you install and the system settings you configure - your Mobileezy system may be quite unique. That's one of the great things about Mobileezy - you can choose how you use it!

Every Mobileezy system comes with the Desktop Administrator, Mobileezy Handheld Application and the Accounting System connection as standard, but you may also have opted for optional modules specific to your business needs.

This User Guide is designed to help you get started using the software, particularly during the installation and setup phase and also as an ongoing reference while working with the program.


Before You Start

Check that your Accounting System is suitable by reading Compatible Accounting Systems
Check that your hardware is compatible by reading Minimum System Requirements
Read getting help so you know what to do if you get stuck!

Getting Started - Installing the Software

If you are new to Mobileezy and need help installing the software and connecting the pieces together:

Follow the installation instructions for the Desktop Software and Handheld Software
Connect to your Accounting System by reading working with the Datalink
Setup your handheld users and connect the handheld devices to the desktop software
Read about handheld synchronisation

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Getting Started