Warehouse Picking

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Warehouse Picking

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In the warehouse picking mode, an additional tab becomes available in the Desktop Administrator under the Transactions icon.  After an order request is raised by a handheld user or in the Desktop Order Entry System it must be assigned to another handheld user for picking as a picking slip.  This can be completed manually or by using a barcode scanner and once completed the pickslip is either converted to an invoice for export to the Accounting System or simply remains as an unfulfilled order for later processing.

In the Warehouse Picking workflow a sales rep raises an order request in the field or office that is then assigned for picking in the warehouse.


Setup        Setup

Warehouse Picking mode of operation will require system and profile settings to be configured.  Some of these settings are optional and others are mandatory for the picking system to function.

System Settings:

Setting Name

Setting Type




Pick Mode

Advanced System Setting

Sets the picking mode of operation, enabling the picking tab in the Desktop Administrator.




After setting the pick mode, close and then reopen Mobileezy before adjusting the profile settings.

Profile Settings:

Setting Name

Setting Type




Enable Pick Mode Ability

Profile General Setting

Turns on pick mode for the profile.



Allow Scanning new Items to Picking Slip

Profile General Setting

Enables barcode scanning with picking slips

Yes (if scanning is required)


Enable Pick Quantity Warning

Profile General Setting

Warns handheld user if an incorrect pick is made.

Yes (if a warning is required)


Picking Slip

Profile Sales Type

Enables picking slips to be received by the handheld.


Yes (for picker)

Order Request

Profile Sales Type

Enables Order Requests to be raised by the handheld.


Yes (for sales rep)

Warehouse Picking Workflow        Warehouse Picking Workflow

Warehouse picking has a particular workflow which must be followed for the system to work effectively.  The workflow is as follows:

1.Field Sales Rep raises an Order Request on the handheld and synchronises this to the Desktop Administrator.
2.Office or Warehouse administrator assigns the Order Request in the Desktop Administrator to a picker for picking
3.Order Request is automatically converted to a Picking Slip on the handheld, the picker picks the order and then synchronises
4.The Picking Slip is automatically converted to an Invoice for export to the Accounting System by the Office Administrator.

Creating the Order Request        Raising the Order Request

Raising the order request on the handheld is usually completed by a field sales rep on a handheld device, although this process can also be completed on the Desktop Order Entry System.

To raise an order request, simply follow the instructions for creating a sale on the handheld or creating a sale in Desktop Order Entry System, making sure that the sale type is set to Order Request.

Screenshot of Selecting Order Request Sales Type
Select Order Request

Assigning the Picking Slip to the Warehouse        Assigning the Picking Slip to the Warehouse

An order request is converted to a picking slip when it is synchronised from the handheld through to the Desktop Administrator.  This picking slip must be assigned to a handheld user (usually a picker in the warehouse) for picking.  This is done in the Picking tab which is found under the Transactions icon.

To assign the Picking Slips:

1.Open Desktop Administrator, click on the Transactions icon and select the Picking tab
2.Assign the Handheld User by selecting the user name from the drop down list in the Picked By column.
3.Press the Refresh button.  The picked user can be changed until the assigned user synchronises their handheld.
Screenshot of Assigning Picking Slips
Assigning the Picking Slips

Note:  Picking Slips can be set to automatically assign to the first handheld user (with picking enabled) that synchronises if the system setting Auto Assign Picking Slips is set to True.

Picking the Order        Picking the Order

After the order is assigned to the handheld user, the handheld must synchronise in order to receive the picking slip to their handheld device for picking of the order.  To complete this process follow these steps:

1.Logon to the handheld, select the Sales tab and then the Sales History button
2.Set the Type filter to Picking Slip
Screenshot of Setting the Filter
Setting the Filter
3.Tap on the row to select the picking slip to be picked
Screenshot of Selecting the Picking Slip
Select the Picking Slip
4.Review Pick Instructions by tapping on the Details button.  After reviewing, press Ok.
Screenshot of Reviewing Pick Instructions
Reviewing the Pick Instructions
5.Tap on the X Items button
Screenshot of Tapping the X Items Button
Tap on X Items
6.Tap on each item to be picked, and enter the picked quantity in the Pick field.
Screenshot of Picking Items to the Picking Slip
Picking Items to the Picking Slip
7.If less than the ordered quantity is picked, and you either want to create an invoice from the picking slip, tick the Picked check box.
Screenshot of Setting the Picked Checkbox
Setting the Picked Checkbox
8.Press Ok and continue to pick the items until complete
9.When all items are picked, press Ok
Screenshot of All Items Picked
Press OK
10.Tap Unsigned and enter the name and signature of the picker.
11.Set the status to Done, press Ok and then Synchronise the handheld.  After synchronisation, the picking slip will be converted to an invoice for export to the Accounting System.
Screenshot of Setting the Status to Done
Set the Status to Done


Note: Use the filter at the top of the screen to set the display to see only Picked or Unpicked items.

Rejecting Picking Slips        Rejecting Picking Slips

At times you may wish to reject a picking slip from the handheld.  This may be so that you can send it to a different handheld device or because you do not want to go through the picking process.

To reject picking slips individually:

1.Locate the picking slip in the handheld sales history and tap on it to open.
2.Set the status to Reject and press OK.
Screenshot of Rejecting the Picking Slip
Rejecting the Picking Slip
3.Synchronise the handheld.

To reject all picking slips simultaneously:

1.Set the profile setting Show Advanced Picking Options to Yes.
2.On the handheld, go to the sync screen.
3.Press the Reject Picking Slips button
Screenshot of Rejecting the All Picking Slips
Rejecting All Picking Slips

Dealing with Backorders        Dealing with Backorders

When a picking slip is not completely picked (that is when some items have not been picked due to insufficient stock), you have the option of setting Mobileezy to create back orders for the unpicked quantity.  These are termed Unfulfilled orders and will remain on the handheld (and DOES), becoming available during the sales process when the next order is made.

The two settings that will need to be configured to enforce this process are:

Setting Type

Setting Name



Profile Setting

Create Backorder Picking Slip from Invoice

Will automatically create a backorder for unpicked items on the picking slip.

Set to True where a backorder is required.

Advanced System Setting

Unfulfilleds do not expire

Controls whether unfulfilled orders (ie. Backorders) expire after 30 days or not.

False if unfulfilled orders should never expire.

To cause an unfulfilled order to be created, when an item is picked for less than the ordered quantity, make sure that the 'picked' tickbox is checked.

When a sale is next created for the customer, the resulting unfullfiled order will be available for selection to populate into the new sale.

Screenshot of the Unfulfilled Order
The Unfulfilled Order

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