Vending Consignment

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Vending Consignment

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Mobileezy can be configured for the servicing of vending machines, be it for snacks, drinks, sweets and biscuits, toys or any other type of vending machine that you may have.  By setting up each of the vending machine locations as customers in your Accounting System, the system can be used to track the sales of product by vending machine, down to each individual bay in the machine.  Used in conjunction with the Stock Module, vending consignment mode keeps a record of current stock levels in each machine.

Configured in Vending Consignment mode, Mobileezy will allow you to manage stock levels and track sales in each of your vending machines.


When to Use Vending Consignment Mode        When to Use Vending Consignment Mode

Vending consignment mode should be used when you operate vending machines, collection boxes or honesty boxes and you want to do the following:

1.Keep track of where your vending machines are located
2.Monitor which vending machines are performing well
3.Report on which products are performing well in each of your locations
4.Keep track of how much stock is in each bay in each vending machine

System and Profile Settings        Configuring System and Profile Settings

There are a number of system and profile settings that must be configured to enable the Vending Consignment workflow to operate.  These are displayed in the table below.


Setting Name

Setting Type




Handheld Inc Tax Mode

Profile General Setting

Shows tax inclusive pricing on the handheld



Show AR Balance

Profile General Setting

Shows aged receivable balance on the handheld



Allow Factory Location

Profile General Setting

Allows setup of initial stock balances in the machines.


Yes (during setup)

Use Vending Consignment Mode

Profile General Setting

Turns on the vending consignment mode



Allow Stock

Profile General Setting

Enables stock on the handheld




Profile Sales Type

Enables the consignment sales type



Stock Adjustment

Profile Sales Type

Enables the stock adjustment sales type



Do Not Bring across MYOB Job Codes

Datalink Setting

Enables job codes (representing vending machine bays) to be imported into Mobileezy


Yes (for MYOB)


Note:  Avoid applying any other sales types to the handheld user profile.

MYOB Configuration        MYOB Configuration


Each of vending machine location must be setup as a separate customer in MYOB.  This is completed in MYOB, by creating a new customer card.  The cards should be named in a way that helps you identify the vending machine location. For example:

Bob Jolly Electrical Services, Brunswick, Tea Room


Recording the location address and a contact phone number will help your staff easily locate the site and vending machine.  This information can be accessed under the card tab of the Mobileezy Handheld Software.


Every product sold through the vending machines must be setup in the MYOB item list.  You will need to enter each item and the price that you sell it at.  It is preferable to assign ex-tax pricing to each item.  If pricing differs from site to site, set this up under the pricing icon in the Desktop Administrator to indicate relevant ex-tax pricing for each location.   Avoid tracking inventory levels in your Accounting System where possible.  This will be managed in the Desktop Administrator.


Mobileezy will track your products in individual bays in the vending machines.  These bays will first need to be defined in MYOB as jobs in the Jobs List.  Each possible bay location must be created as a separate job.  As the bays are standardised across vending machines (a bay name being a combination of the row and aisle in the machine), the usual setup is to define jobs as follows:

1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, 2C etc


Screenshot of Job Setup in MYOB
Job Setup in MYOB


IMPORTANT: Once these configuration items are completed in your Accounting System, it is important to Run the Datalink and then Synchronise the handheld devices to get the information onto the handhelds.

Vending Machine Setup        Vending Machine Setup

Initially each of your vending machines must be setup with the starting balance of stock and the bays that each of the stock items are located in.  This will need to be completed on the handheld using a stock adjustment transaction, where the factory is set as the From location and the Vending Machine (customer) is set as the To location.

Follow the instructions below to complete the setup:

1.After logging onto the handheld, select the Stock tab and tap on the New Activity button
2.Tap on Activity and select Stock Adjustment from the list of available activities (If you have only one activity available, this step will not be required)
Screenshot of selecting the Stock Adjustment activity
Select Stock Adjustment
3.Tap on the From Location button and select Factory from the list
4.Tap on the To Location button
5.Set the filter in the top right hand corner to display Customers
Screenshot of Selecting Customer Location
Select Customer Location
6.Select the vending machine location (customer) from the list
7.Tap on the Add Items button
Screenshot of Stock Adjustment
Add Items
8.Count the quantity of items in the first bay and then select that item from the list on the Mobileezy Handheld Application by tapping on it.
9.Enter the quantity counted
10.Select the bay that it is found in by tapping on the Job button and selecting from the list.
Screenshot of Selecting the Bay
Select the Bay
11.Continue until all items in the machine have been added in their bay.
12.When complete press OK and then OK again.

Note: This process will need to be completed for each machine upon first visit after starting to use Mobileezy.

Servicing the Machines        Servicing the Machines

When servicing the machine, you will be prompted to first count the items remaining in the machines and then enter quantity you are refilling into each bay in the machine.

The process is as follows:

1.Logon to the handheld and tap on the Cards tab
2.Tap on the Cards List and locate the location (customer) from the list of cards
3.Tap on the New Sale button
4.Tap on the X Items button
5.Count the quantity of product remaining in each of the bays in turn, entering the quantity counted in the Count column.  To do this, tap on the drop down arrow next to the relevant bay.
Screenshot of Recording the Count
Recording the Count
6.Once all items have been counted, press OK
7.Provide a signature (if required) and press OK again.  If you have recorded the quantity of cash collected, enter this by tapping on the Paid Today button.
8.This will prompt you to now enter the refill quantities. For each of the lines tap on the Refill column and enter the quantity of stock you are adding to the machine. Note.  Enter only the quantity of stock you are putting into the machine, not the total quantity after refill.
Screenshot of Entering the Refill Quantity
Entering the Refill Quantity
9.After entering the refill quantities, press OK and then OK again to complete.

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