Scheduling Territory Routes

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Scheduling Territory Routes

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Routes can be scheduled for all customers in a territory by using the Territory Event Editor, an additional tab that is found under the the Routing icon.  This feature is used to assign all customers in a territory to a route, for example if you have twenty customers belonging to a territory, you can use the Territory Event Editor to create a route visit to all twenty of those customers at once.

The tab is not visible by default and needs to be enabled through the Mobileezy system settings.


Enabling the Territory Routing Tab        Enabling the Territory Event Editor Tab

There are 6 tabs available by default in the Runlist Module excluding the Territory Event Editor tab.  In order to see the Territory Event editor, the advanced setting needs to be switched on.

To do this, go to Setup > System Settings and then right click to select Switch to Advanced Mode.  See Advanced Settings for more information on how to do this.

From the advanced mode, set Enable Territory Routing  to True.  Close and then reopen Mobileezy for the change to take effect.

Run List Module_Enable Territory Routing Setting

This will enable a new tab under the Routing icon, appearing to the right of the Customer Priority Manager.

Screenshot of the Territory Event Editor tab
The Territory Event Editor Tab Enabled

Instruction for Creating a New Territory Route        How to create a Territory Route using the Territory Event Editor

From the Routing icon, select the Territory Event Editor tab and select the Territory from the drop down list.

Press the New button and complete the details for the route.  Enter in a Description, start and end date (or no end date if the route is to continue indefinitely) and the frequency of recurrence of the schedule.  When complete, press the Save button.


Screenshot of Creating a New Schedule in the Territory Event Editor
Creating a Territory Route Event

The route will now be visible in the Territory Event Editor tab.  It will also appear as a single line entry in the Territory Routing tab and each customer to be visited will appear on both the run list reports and on the handheld user run list.

How to Edit and Delete Territory Routes        Editing and Deleting Territory Routes in the Territory Event Editor

Territory routes can be edited and deleted from the Territory Event Editor tab by simply selecting the Territory from the drop down list and then highlighting the schedule to be edited.

To edit the existing route, click on the Edit button and edit any details such as the Description, Dates, Handheld User or frequency of recurrence and then press the Save button.  This will edit details of the route.  Each of the handhelds will need to be synchronised for the changes to take place on the handheld user runlist.

To delete an existing route, click on the Delete button.  A warning dialog will ask you if you are sure you want to delete the route.  Press Ok.  This action cannot be undone.

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