Synchronising the Handheld

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Synchronising the Handheld

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Handheld Synchronisation is required to maintain data consistency between the Mobileezy Handheld Application, Desktop Administrator and the Accounting System. Synchronisation is the action used to send new information created on the handheld device to the Desktop Administrator such as sales transactions, stock transactions and updates to customer cards.  It is also the process by which the handheld is updated with information from the Desktop Administrator or Accounting System, such as new customers, suppliers or items, alterations to item pricing, alterations to customer routes, changes to stock levels or changes to profile settings.

Synchronisation is essential for maintaining consistency of data between the Mobileezy Handheld Software, Desktop Administrator and Accounting System.


Synchronisation Methods        Synchronisation Methods

There are three different methods of synchronisation that can be used to synchronise the handheld devices with the Desktop Administrator.

1.Wi-Fi: Via a wi-fi router
2.Mobile Data (3G/4G): Using a device with an integrated simcard enabled for data
3.Cable / Cradle: Via a direct cable connection (Windows Mobile & Palm devices only)

Each of these methods can be used alone or alternatively a combination of methods can be utilised.  For example you may choose to enable both Wi-Fi and Mobile Data synchronisation for a device - Wi-Fi sync would be used when the device is in range of the router and Mobile Data sync used when it is not.

How to Synchronise        How to Synchronise

To synchronise the handheld:

1.Go to the main handheld screen and tap on the blue synchronisation icon
Screenshot of the Synchroniation Icon from the Home Screen
The Sync Icon
2.Press the full sync button to complete a full sync or the quick sync button to perform a quick sync (See quick sync vs full sync)
Screenshot of the Sync Screen
The Sync Screen
3.The sync engine will attempt to synchronise each of the IP addresses that have been setup under the synchronisation setup (see connecting handheld devices).  When it obtains a connection it will complete the sync operation, a successful sync will display both Sync Success and Sync Completed Successfully on the screen.  An unsuccessful sync will display Error During Sync and Some Errors Occurred on the screen.
Screenshot of a Successful Sync
Successful Sync
Screenshot of a Failed Sync
Failed Sync

When to Synchronise the Mobileezy Handheld Software        When to Synchronise

The handhelds should be synchronised regularly to avoid data inconsistency between the handheld devices, the Desktop Administrator and your Accounting System.  It is good practice to synchronise the handhelds on a daily basis, a common practice is to do this at the end of every day.

Specifically, the handhelds should be synchronised in the following circumstances:

1.Upon first connecting the handheld devices to the Desktop Administrator to populate the devices with data from the Mobileezy database.
2.When changes are made in the Accounting System to any customers, suppliers, employees, items, prices, company details or stock holdings and after a datalink has been run.
3.When changes are made to any of the following in the Desktop Administrator:
Head Office associations
Stock levels
Company information
Mobileezy licensing
4.When sales, purchase or stock transactions completed on the Mobileezy Handheld Software need to be sent to the Desktop Administrator
5.When new customers are created or alterations to customer cards made on the handheld.

How Often to Synchronise        How Often to Synchronise

How often you synchronise the Mobileezy Handheld Software will depend upon your specific business requirements.  When deciding on the frequency there are a number of factors that should be considered:

How quickly do you need transactions back from the handhelds?
What type of synchronisation method have you decided to use?
How frequently are you making changes in the Desktop Administrator or Accounting System that need to be sent to handheld users?
Is there a risk of losing or damaging the handheld?


Synchronisation can be performed as frequently as after every single transaction, or as infrequently as once a day or once a week.

Note:  Transactions collected on the handheld will only be backed up when you synchronise, which means information may be potentially lost if the handheld device is lost or damaged between synchronisation events.

Quick Sync vs Full Sync        Quick Sync vs Full Sync

There are two options available for synchronisation of the Mobileezy Handheld Software, Full and Quick sync.  The difference between these operations is the amount and type of data that is exchanged between the handheld and the Desktop Administrator application.


Sync Type


Full Sync

Full exchange of data between the Mobileezy Handheld Software and Desktop Administrator.  May take a little longer than a quick sync operation especially when the Mobileezy database is large.

Quick Sync

The handheld will send new or modified data (cards and transactions)  to the Desktop Administrator.  New or modified data on the Desktop Administrator is not sent to the handheld with the exception of:

1)System and profile settings
2)New and updated routes if the system setting Sync Routing information on Quick Syncs is set to true.


Synchronisation Setup        Synchronisation Setup

Synchronisation setup is usually completed during initial setup, however sometimes it does need to be completed after initial setup due to changes in either your local or public IP address or if you need to add an additional address to your handheld for synchronisation.

Instructions for setting up synchronisation are found at Connecting Handheld Devices.

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