Working with the Sync Server

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Working with the Sync Server

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The sync server is the conduit between Desktop Administrator and the Mobileezy Handheld Application software.  It runs in the background of your computer and is necessary for enabling mobile devices to synchronise the the desktop software.  The sync server will continue to run even when Mobileezy is closed and is essential to handheld synchronisation.


The sync server is critical to handheld synchronisation.  It must always be running in order for the handhelds to synchronise successfully.


hmtoggle_plus1        Stopping and starting the sync service

Stopping and starting the sync service is a simple operation completed via the task manager on your PC.  Administrative rights may be necessary in order to complete the operation.

1.Open the task manager on your computer by either:
Righting click on the task bar and selecting task manager
Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting task manager
2.Select the services tab
3.Locate the service MobileezySyncService in the list
4.Right click on the name and select one of the following:
stop to stop the service
start to start the service
restart to stop and then start the service
5.If you get a message advising you have inadequate privileges, select open services from either the context menu in the previous step or the Open services link at the bottom of the task manager dialog and then repeat step 4..


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