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Stocktakes are an important feature of Stock Module.  They can be performed either on a handheld device or using the Desktop Order Entry System.  This topic is designed to introduce the basic concepts of stocktake in Mobileezy and provide step by step instructions for completing the stocktake workflow.

Stocktakes can be completed quickly by using a barcode scanner in either Desktop Order Entry System or the Mobileezy Handheld Application.


The Stocktake Transaction        What is the Stocktake Transaction?

A stocktake transaction is used to reset stock levels in a stock location.  After a stocktake is created and sent to the Desktop Administrator, the stocktake must be validated to update stock levels in the locations.

When to use the Stocktake Transaction        When to use the Stocktake Transaction

Stocktake transactions should be used whenever you want to reset stock levels in a location.  This is usually done in the following circumstances:

1.During initial setup to set starting balances.
2.During normal operation as part of the regular stocktake cycle, ie. Monthly, Quarterly or Annual stocktakes.

Stocktake Workflow        Stocktake Workflow

Stocktake in Mobileezy is a two step process:

1.Enter the stocktake on the handheld or in Desktop Order Entry System
2.Validate the stocktake in the Desktop Administrator (this will generate an automatic stock adjustment and reset the stock levels)

Entering a Stocktake in Desktop Order Entry System        Entering a Stocktake in Desktop Order Entry System

To enter a stocktake using Desktop Order Entry System:

1.Open Desktop Order Entry System
2.Click on Stock in the title menu
3.Click on the New Stock button
Screenshot of starting the stocktake transaction
Starting a Stocktake in DOES
4.Select Stocktake from the Stock Type drop down list
5.Enter the date of the stocktake in the Date field.
6.Select the stocktake location from the Location From drop down list (Note.  You cannot perform a stocktake on the Transit, Wastebin or Factory locations)
7.Enter the transaction items and the quantity of each item counted
8.When complete press the Save button.
Screenshot of entering the stocktake transaction
Entering a Stocktake in DOES

Note:  Items can be scanned to the stocktake in Desktop Order Entry System using a barcode scanner.

Entering a Stocktake on the Mobileezy Handheld Software        Entering a Stocktake on the Mobileezy Handheld Software

To enter a stocktake using the Mobileezy Handheld Software.

1.Logon to the handheld with your employee name and select the stock location you are conducting the count on
Screenshot of loggin onto the stock location
Logon to the handheld
2.Select the Stock tab and tap on the New Activity button
3.Tap on Activity and select Stocktake from the list of available activities
Screenshot of selecting the stocktake activity
Select the Stocktake Activity
4.Tap on the Add Items button
5.Select the counted item from the list, enter the quantity counted and press Ok.
Screenshot of adding items to the stocktake
Add Items to the Stocktake
6.Add more items by pressing the Add button and then selecting from the list
Screenshot of adding more items to the stocktake
Add More Items to the Stocktake
7.When all items have been added to the count press Ok
8.Tap the Unsigned button to sign off the stocktake
9.To print the stocktake press the Print button
10.When complete, press the Ok button and synchronise the handheld
Screenshot of finalising the stocktake
Finalising the Stocktake

What is Stocktake Validation?        What is Stocktake Validation?

Stocktake Validation is the process of reviewing the stocktake in the Desktop Administrator, committing the changes and updating the stock levels.  The validation process will create an automated stock adjustment transaction, moving any lost stock into the wastebin.

Validation must be completed to finalise the stocktake and is a process that cannot be 'undone'.

Validating the Stocktake        Validating the Stocktake

Stocktake validation is completed under the Stock Control icon, under the Validation > Stocktake tab.  In this screen, any unvalidated stocktakes will be listed in the Stocktakes window on the lefthand side.  Stock count details are displayed on the right side of the window.

To validate a stocktake:

1.Select the stocktake transaction for validation by highlighting the row in the left hand window. All stocklines will be displayed in the right hand window with the onhand value, counted value and variance displayed.  A positive variance is displayed when less stock was counted than on hand and a negative variance is displayed when more stock was counted than is on hand.
2.To display only the items with a variance, select Variance Items Only from the filter in the bottom right hand corner.
Screenshot of the Stocktake Validation screen
Stocktake Validation Screen
3.Select the desired action for each stocktake line from the Validation Option column.
Stock Adjustment will adjust the line item stock level to the counted value.
Nothing will ignore the item count, leaving the stock level as the current On Hand value.
4.When all actions have been set, press the Validate button.
Screenshot of Validating the Stocktate
Validating the Stocktake

Note:  Validation will create an automated stock adjustment transaction and reset stock levels.  There is no way to undo this action.

Validating Partial Stocktakes        Validating Partial Stocktakes

A partial stocktake is when a transaction contains a subset of the total stock lines carried in a location.  These may occur when you have either:

1.Multiple stocktake transactions for a count, for example the count is completed across multiple devices or over multiple transactions on a single device.
2.Only some of the stock is counted, for example during a cycle count.

In each of these cases, when the stocktake is validated in Mobileezy, you must ensure that the Process Only Counted Items tick box is selected.  This will ensure that only items included in the count have their quantities adjusted.

Screenshot of Validating Partial Stocktake
Validating a Partial Stocktake

Barcoded Stocktake        Barcoded Stocktake

Stocktakes can be completed quickly in Mobileezy by using a device with an integrated barcode scanner.  To enable this functionality, the following will be required:

1.Products are labelled with a barcode (this may be as supplied or custom barcodes added by your team)
2.Product barcodes are stored in the Accounting System (the location depends on your Accounting System)
3.The datalink is configured to bring the barcode into Mobileezy

When configured correctly (see Working with Barcodes), items can be simply scanned to add to the stocktake transaction.

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