Stock Transactions

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Stock Transactions

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In Mobileezy stock transactions are often referred to as Stock Activities - there are 9 different types available.  These are used whenever stock quantities need to be adjusted (without making a sale) or when stock is moved from one location to another. The most commonly used stock activities are the stock adjustment and the stocktake.  The types you use will depend upon your specific business needs.  This topic aims to provide you with information on the each of the available stock activity types and what circumstances they would be used in.

Stock Transactions are often referred to as Stock Activities in Mobileezy - they must be used to effect changes to stock levels in the system.


Types of Stock Transactions        Types of Stock Transactions

The following table describes each of the types of stock transactions that are available with the Stock Module.



Book Out

A book out transaction initiates the movement of stock from one location to another.  The stock will be moved into the transit location until a corresponding book in transaction is completed at the destination location and validation is performed in the Desktop Administrator.  This transaction type is usually used when stock is moved to a carrier or into transit rather than directly to another business location.

Book In

A book in transaction moves stock out of transit and into the destination location for a corresponding book out transaction.  The process must go through a validation in the Desktop Administrator.  The validation will show any variance between the book out and book in.

Stock Adjustment

The movement of stock from one location to another.  Does not require validation.  Also referred to as a stock transfer.


A stocktake transaction is used to reset stock levels in a stock location.  After a stocktake is created and sent to the Desktop Administrator, the stocktake must be validated to update stock levels in those locations.

Stock Concern

A stock concern transaction will send all handheld users with the profile setting ‘Receive Stock Concerns’ a message about stock items.  The stock concern will appear on the handheld immediately after logging onto the device.

Stock Check

A transaction that is initiated on the handheld and sent to the Desktop Administrator.  A Stock Check does not affect stock levels in Mobileezy.

Stock Request

A transaction that is created by a handheld user and sent to the stock transactions on the Desktop Administrator.  It does not affect stock levels.

Write Off

A transaction that will move stock out of one location and into the ‘Waste Bin’.  Stock levels will decrease in the write off location and increase in the Waste Bin.

Write Back

A transaction that will move stock out of the ‘Waste Bin’ and into a selected location.  Stock levels will decrease in the ‘Waste Bin’ and increase in the selected location.

Assigning Transactions Types to Users        Assigning Transactions Types to Users

Providing users with the ability to complete different types of stock transactions is done via the user profile.  Simply tick the stock transaction types under the Sales Types tab on their use profile to give the user access.

Reviewing Historical Transactions        Reviewing Historical Transactions

Historical stock transactions can be reviewed under the Stock Control icon, in the Transactions tab.  To review historical transactions, set the Date Filter, Transaction Type and the To or From location of the transaction and then press the Load Data button.

If you wanted to find all stock movements out of the warehouse over the last month, you would set the date filters to the previous month, transaction type to Stock Adjustment, From the Warehouse.


Screenshot of Reviewing Historical Transactions
Viewing Historical Transactions

Exporting Stock Transactions        Exporting Stock Transactions

Stock transactions can be exported if your Accounting System is either MYOB AccountRight Classic or MYOB AccountRight Live and you are tracking inventory.  To configure this see MYOB Stock Integration.

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