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Stock Request

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Stock requests are a useful transaction that allows the handheld user to raise a request for stock to the Mobileezy administrator.  Stock requests can be raised on a regular basis using stock templates, enabling the implementation of a fast and efficient stock replenishment process.  Using the email feature, the stock request can be sent to any desired email address.

Stock requests are raised on the Mobileezy Handheld Application and are used for requesting replenishment of van or warehouse stocks.


The stock request transaction        The stock request transaction

The stock request is a transaction that enables users to request replenishment stock.  Stock requests are raised on the handheld device or Desktop Order Entry System and are handled within the Desktop Administrator

Profile settings        Profile settings

The following profile settings are required to enable stock requests:

Setting Name

Setting Type



Stock Request

Profile Setting / Sales Type

Enables access to the Stock Request transaction type.


Allow Stock

Profile Setting / General Settings

Enables access to stock functionality on the handheld.


Allow Stock Templates

Profile Setting / General Settings

Enables the creation of stock request templates, allowing rapid creation of stock request transactions.


Raising a stock request on the Mobileezy Handheld Application        Raising a stock request on the Mobileezy Handheld Application

To raise a stock request on the handheld:

1.After logging on with the username, logon to the stock location that the request is for.
Logging on to the stock location
Stock Location Logon
2.Select the Stock tab and tap the New Activity button
Creating a new activity
Create a New Activity
3.Tap on the Activity button and select the Stock Request activity type from the list
Selecting the Stock Request activity
Stock Request Activity
4.Tap on the From Location button and select the source location from the list.  The To Location will be automatically added as the logged on location from step 1.
Selecting the From location
Select the From Location
5.Tap the Add Items button, select an item from the list and enter the quantity requested.  Press the Ok or back buttons to select another item.  Press the Delete button to remove the item from the request.
Adding items to the stock request
Add Items
6.When all items are added to the stock request press the Unsigned button to take a signature or the OK button to complete the transaction.
Completing the stock request
Complete the Stock Request
7.To send the stock request to the office synchronise the device or see instructions for emailing the stock request below.

Emailing stock requests from the Mobileezy Handheld Application        Emailing stock requests from the Mobileezy Handheld Application

To email the stock request from the Handheld, email must first be set up under handheld preferences.

1.Access the handheld preferences by tapping on the word Mobileezy Enterprise from the home screen
2.Select Setup and then Preferences from the menu
3.Select Send to email from the Printer Type drop down list and press the OK button
Setting the email preferences
Set Email Preferences
4.From the stock request, press the print button and enter the email address into the available field.  Press the Ok button when complete.
Emailing the stock request
Email the Stock Request

Raising a stock reqest in DOES        Raising a stock request on Desktop Order Entry System

To enter a stock request in Desktop Order Entry System:

1.Open Desktop Order Entry System
2.Click on Stock in the title menu
3.Click on the New Activity button
New Stock Request in DOES
Create New Activity
4.Select Stock Request from the Stock Type drop down list
5.Select the location the stock is being requested from in the Location From drop down list and the location the stock is being requested to in the Location To drop down list.
6.Enter the transaction items and the quantity of each item requested
7.When complete press the Save button.  This will create a stock request for validation in the Desktop Administrator.
Entering transaction details in DOES
Enter Transaction Details

Validating stock requests in DOES        Validating stock requests in the Desktop Administrator

Completed stock requests will appear in the Desktop Administrator under the Stock tab.  They can be viewed and printed from here and after processing, validation will remove them from the stock request list.

1.From the Desktop Administrator, click on the Stock Control icon and then select the Validation and then Request tabs
The Validation Tab
Stock Request Validation Tab
2.This will show a list of all unvalidated stock requests.  Header information is displayed in the left window and detail information regarding items on the request is displayed in the right window.
3.To validate a request, highlight it in the list by selecting it and then press the Validate button.
Validating the Stock Request
Stock Request Validation

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