Scheduling Customer Routes

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Scheduling Customer Routes

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Recurring visits or routes are created for individual customers using the Territory Activity Event Editor.  This can be used to create single one off visits for a customer or alternatively creating schedules that recur on an ongoing basis such as weekly, monthly or even annually.  Schedules can be set up to end after a set period of time or to have no specific end date meaning that they will continue to recur without end.

Territory Activity Event Editor        Creating Recurring Schedules in the Territory Activity Event Editor

Recurring visits are created under the Territory Activity Event Editor tab.  This tab allows for more flexibility of assigning routes to customers than is available under the Basic Routing tab.

Customer routes are created as follows:

1.Select the Territory and then select the customer from the list
2.Select the date filter to see any existing schedules (optional) and then press the New button
Screenshot of Territory Activity Event Editor tab
Territory Activity Event Editor
3.This will load the Routing Event Editor dialog in which you create the schedule.
4.Enter a description of the event details and enter the start and end date.  The start date should be the first date that you want the schedule to begin.  If you want the visit to continue recurring without end, tick the No End Date checkbox.
Screenshot of Creating a Route
Creating a Route in the Routing Event Editor
5.Select the handheld user to assign the schedule to or if you want the schedule to appear in the run list of all handheld users with the territory assigned, leave the handheld user as unassigned.
6.Specify the frequency of repetition for the visit.
Daily: every day or repeating after every set number of days

Run List Module_Daily Event Schedule

Weekly: Select the Day and Frequency

Run List Module_Weekly Event Schedule

Monthly: either select the day of the month (eg. 1st, 3rd or 20th day of the month) or the day of the week that the visit is to recur in.  Then select the frequency of occurance, including the weekday, day of the month and recurrance.

Run List Module_Monthly Event Schedule

Note: Days 29, 30 and 31 are not available for selection.

Annually:  The visit will occur annually from the selected Start Date

Run List Module_Annual Event Schedule

7.Press the Save button to create the visit.  It will then be visible in the schedule screen
Screenshot of Schedule Created in Territory Activity Event Editor
Schedule in Territory Activity Event Editor

Territory Routing        Viewing Routes from the Territory Routing Tab

Existing routes that have been created from the Basic Routing, Territory Activity Event Editor and the Territory Event Editor tabs can be viewed and edited under the Territory Routing tab.

To view any existing routes for a territory, select the territory from the drop down list in the right hand corner and then select the date you would like to view from the calender.

All routes that are currently setup will be visible here.

Screenshot of Schedules in the Territory Routing Tab
Territory Routing Tab Schedules

How to Edit Routes from the Territory Routing Tab        Editing Routes from the Territory Routing Tab

At times you will want to edit the customer route schedule.  This may be because you want to assign certain visits from one handheld user to another, just for one day, or because you want the schedule for a single day to be made inactive, but the recurring schedule to continue.

Editing of routes in this way can be done from the Territory Routing tab.  To do this start by selecting the Territory from the drop down list and selecting the date from the calendar:

1.Click on the Right Open Arrow next to the route you want to edit.
2.This will open the Mobileezy Route Editor dialog where you can edit the date of the visit, the handheld user it is assigned to or inactivate the schedule for a day
Screenshot of the Mobileezy Route Editor
Mobileezy Route Editor
3.When the editing is complete press save.

NB:  When editing routes in this way, the route will only be edited for the day in question.  If the visit is setup on a recurring basis, the recurrence will continue as normal on the next event.

Edited routes will appear in the Territory Routing tab in purple.  Inactive routes will appear in the Territory Routing tab in pink.

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