Sales History

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Sales History

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The Sales History stores sales created in Mobileezy. From the Sales History screen, you can view a list of all sales stored on the handheld, locate specific sales by using the sort and filter features, and open sales records in the Invoice screen. All sales created in Mobileezy on the handheld are temporarily stored in Sales History before being transferred to the Desktop Administrator and your accounting software. By specifying an archive period—such as one week, or one month—in the handheld preferences, you can retain an archive of sales transferred to the desktop. You can also restore these archived sales to the handheld by using the repopulation feature.

All sales with a status of ‘WIP’—work in progress—are retained in Sales History regardless of the specified archive period.

Historical sales transactions will be stored on the handheld dependent upon the archive period set on that handheld.


Accessing Sales History on the Handheld        Accessing Sales History on the Handheld

Sales History can be accessed either via the Sales tab or the Cards tab on the handheld device.  To view the sales history, tap on either of these tabs and then tap on the Sales History button.

Showing the sale status in the Sales History screen        Showing/Hiding the Sale Status in the Sales History Screen

The status of the sale can be shown or hidden in the sales history screen.  When shown, the customer name will be prefixed with the status of the sale.

Sale Status Displayed

Sale Status Displayed

Sales Status Hidden

Sales Status Hidden

To toggle this setting on and off:

1.Tap on the word Sales History in the menu bar
Screenshot of the Menu
Tap on the Menu
2.Tap on Status Indicator On/Off.
Screenshot of the Menu Selection
Toggle the Status Indicator

Sorting Sales in the Sales History        Sorting Sales in the Sales History

The sales history can be sorted by customer name, sales number or date.  Sorting will change the order of display of transactions in the sales history.  To sort the sales history simply tap next to the sort by field and select one of the three options available.

Screenshot of Sorting the Sales History
Sorting the Sales History

Sort by selection will sort as tabulated below

Sort By



Sort by date to sort records by the transaction date.  Records will sort in chronological order from the oldest to the most recent.  Note: The transaction date may not actually be the date the sale was created.  To sort sales chronologically by the date entered, sort by sales #.


Sort by customer to group records by customer in alphabetical order.

Sales #

Transaction numbers are generated sequentially. Sorting by sales number will effectively sort your records in the order in which they were created.  Records sort in chronological order from the oldest to the most recent.

Filtering Sales by Status Type or Transaction Type        Filtering Sales by Status Type or Transaction Type

Filtering transactions in the Sales History will reduce the number of transactions in the list and help you to find the transaction you are looking for.  You can filter the sales history by both sales type and sale status.

1.To filter by sales type, tap on the Sale Type drop down list and select the sales type from the list. Note:  Only transaction types that are assigned in the handheld users' profile will be available for selection.
Screenshot of Transaction Type Filter
Filtering by Transaction Type
2.To filter by status filter, tap on the Status Filter selection and select from the drop down list.
Screenshot of Transaction Status Filter
Filtering by Transaction Status

Opening Sales from the Sales History Screen        Opening Sales from the Sales History Screen

To open sales from the Sales History screen:

1.Find the sale you want to open.  If the Sales History contains multiple records, you may want to use the sort and/or filter functions.
2.Tap on a sales record.  The sale is opened in the New Sale screen.

Note:  You can only edit sales with a status of Done, WIP, Void or Template.  Sales with a status of Archived or Voided cannot be edited

Viewing the historical sales during the sales process        Viewing the historical sales during the sales process

The last three sales can be viewed during the sales process when using the Advanced Sales History Module.  For more information, see Advanced Sales History Module.

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