Running the Datalink

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Running the Datalink

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Running the datalink is generally performed as a manual operation (although there are exceptions to this) and best practice is to run it on a daily basis.  After the initial configuration, the datalink must be run regularly to keep the base data between you Accounting System and Mobileezy in sync.

The datalink must be run ofen to maintain consistency of data between the Accounting System and Mobileezy.

The best practice is to run this once a day.

When to Run the Datalink        When to Run the Datalink

The datalink should be run regularly to avoid data inconsistency between your Accounting System and Mobileezy.  It is good practice to run the datalink on a daily basis, a common practice is to do this at the end of the day when exporting transactions to the Accounting System.

Specifically, the datalink should be run in the following circumstances:

1.Upon first setting up the connection between the two systems to bring data from the Accounting System database into the Mobileezy database.
2.When changes are made in the Accounting System to any customers, suppliers, employees, items, prices  or company details.
3.When new customers, suppliers, employees, or items are created in the Accounting System.
4.When changes to customers are made in Mobileezy (either in the Desktop Order Entry System or Mobileezy Handheld Application).
5.When new customers are created in Mobileezy

How to Run the Datalink        How to Run the Datalink

Running the datalink is a simple operation.

1.From the Setup icon click on the Datalink tab
2.Press the Run Datalink button

When complete, Mobileezy will display a dialog reporting on the success or failure.

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