Run List Visits and DOES

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Run List Visits and DOES

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Desktop Order Entry System in combination with the Runlist Module can be used for entering orders on your PC and assigning these directly to a handheld user for completion.  Orders raised in Desktop Order Entry System will appear in the runlist on the users' handheld and can be simply accessed and completed when onsite with the customer.

By combining the Runlist Module with Desktop Order Entry System orders can be entered on your PC and then assigned to a handheld runlist.


Creating visits in DOES        Creating one-off Visits in Desktop Order Entry System

To create a new visit for a handheld:

1.Log into Desktop Order Entry System
2.From the Transactions tab press the New Visit button
Screenshot of the New Visit Button
Press the New Visit Button
3.Select the customer and enter the transaction details as you would for creating a new sale
4.Set the invoice date to be the date you want the visit to appear in the runlist
5.Select the handheld user for the visit from the User to assign to drop down list.
Screenshot of Entering the Transaction
Creating the Transaction
6.Press Save
7.This will send the transaction to the handheld user for their runlist on the specified day.

System Settings Affecting the Scheduling of Visits Created from Desktop Order Entry System        System Settings Affecting the Scheduling of Visits Created from Desktop Order Entry System

There is one system setting that will affect the scheduling of visits created in Desktop Order Entry System.



Default New Visit Date is N Days Later

When a visit is created in DOES, the default visit date will be incremented by this number from todays date.  For example if this setting is set to 3, the invoice date will be set to 3 days from today. (Defaults to 1)

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