Working with Rebates

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Working with Rebates

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A rebate is similar to a Special Pricing and Discount event but instead of automatically providing a discount to the customer, Mobileezy will keep track of the return of a portion of the purchase price to the customer/buyer.

Rebates are often used when a payment must be made to your customer at the end of a period if they buy a certain quantity of an item.  A rebate will not automatically be paid out to the customer, but is used as a reporting tool so that at the end of a period the report is run and you can determine whether the customer is entitled to a rebate.  This payment is then applied manually in your Accounting System.

Rebates are managed under the Pricing > Rebates tab.

Creating a New Rebate        Creating a new rebate

There are two phases to setting up a rebate.  First you will need to create the rebate event and then add the items to the event.  Creating a new rebate is very similar to the process used for creating a special pricing event.

Setting up the Event

1.From the Pricing > Rebates tab, click on the New button
2.Enter a unique name for the rebate event
3.Select the event type - either price or percentage discount
4.Select whether the event is for specific customers or customer group.
5.Enter the Date range of the event.  If the event will run for a specific time period, select Yes and then enter a Start Date and End Date for the event.
6.Press the Ok button to continue or Cancel to cancel the rebate event.
Screenshot of Setting up Rebate
Setting up a Rebate Event

Defining the Customers, Items and Prices

7.Select the event from the drop down list
8.Select a customer (or customer group), choose the item/s and then enter the special price/special discount - the amount entered here is the calculated amount that will be returned to the customer each time a single unit of that item is sold.

Hint: If the special price is for all customers, select * All Customers * from the list.

9.Repeat steps 7 to 8 for all special prices within that event and then press the save button.
Screenshot of Setting up the Rebate Items
Setting up the Rebate Items

How To Edit a Rebate        Editing a Rebate

The process for editing a rebate is identical to that for editing a special pricing and discount event.  See How to edit a special pricing event.

How To Delete a Rebate        Deleting a rebate

The process for deleting a rebate is identical to that for deleting a special pricing and discount event.  See How to delete a special pricing and discount event.

Running the Rebate Report        Running the rebate report

The rebate report will report on any rebates that are due to a customer or customer group for sales made to that customer over the time period on which you run the report.

To run the rebate report:

1.From the Pricing > Rebates tab
2.Click on the Rebate Report button
3.Set the report filters and press the Ok button
Screenshot of the Rebate Report Filters
The Report Filters
4.The report will show you the items for which rebates are due, grouped by customer or customer group.
Screenshot of the Rebate Report
The Rebate Report

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