Purchasing on the Handheld

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Purchasing on the Handheld

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The Mobileezy Handheld Application can be used to raise purchase orders to your suppliers while you are with them or from the road.  These purchase orders can then be synchronised to the Desktop Administrator, edited in Desktop Order Entry System and exported to your Accounting System.  This can improve the speed at which purchase orders get entered into your Accounting System and reduce the amount of data entry completed in the office.

Purchase order numbers will be automatically generated by the handheld device they are raised on.

Entering a Purchase Order        Entering a Purchase Order

Entering a purchase order is completed from the Purchases tab on the handheld device.

1.Login to the handheld and then select the Purchases tab
Screenshot of Purchase Tab
The Purchase Tab
2.Tap on the New Purchase button
Screenshot of the New Purchase button
The New Purchase button
3.Tap on the words Tap Here to Select Supplier
4.Locate the supplier by using the arrows or the Look Up field.  Tap on the supplier name to select.
5.Press Ok to go through the supplier details screen
Screenshots of Selecting the Supplier
Selecting the Supplier
6.Tap the Add Items button to begin adding the items to the purchase order.
7.Select the item from the list by tapping on it
8.Enter the quantity ordered and set the actual purchase price.
9.Press Ok
Screenshot of Adding Items
Adding Items
10.Press Add to add more items or Ok to complete the purchase.
Sceenshot of the Added Items
Added Items
11.To complete the purchase order, tap on the Unsigned button if a signature is required or Ok to finish.

Adding Additional Purchase Details (Supplier Invoice Number, Purchase Comments)        Adding Additional Purchase Details (Supplier Invoice Number, Purchase Comments)

Supplier invoice number and comments can be added to the purchase order.  To do this:

1.From the main purchase order screen, tap on the Details button.
Sceenshot of the Details Button on the Purchase Order
The Details Button
2.Enter the supplier invoice number in the Supplier Invoice Number field
Sceenshot of the Supplier Invoice Number
Supplier Invoice Number
3.Tap on the Comments tab to enter a purchase order comment.
Sceenshot of adding Purchase Comments
Purchase Comments

Adding Additional Purchase Details (Supplier Invoice Number, Purchase Comments)        Recording a Payment

If you make a payment at the time of purchase, this payment can be applied directly to the purchase order in Mobileezy.  To do this:

1. From the main purchase order screen, tap on the Paid Today button.
Screenshot of the Paid Today button
Paid Today Button
2.Select the payment type
3.Enter the payment amount (by default this will be set to the value of the purchase order)
4.Set the payment date (by default this will be set to todays date)
Screenshot of the Recording the Payment
Recording Payment
5.Press OK

NOTE: Supplier payments are not supported in the MYOB AccountRight Live; or the Reckon Accounts datalinks.

Purchase Order Templates        Purchase Order Templates

Purchase Orders can be created from predefined Templates.  This can be particularly useful if you often buy the same items from a supplier and you want to make the process of creating the purchase order fast.  When you have an existing template for a supplier, you will be prompted to create the new purchase order from that template during the creation process.

To create a new template:

1.Follow the instruction for Entering a Purchase Order
2.Set the Status to Template
Screenshot of Selecting the Template Status
Template Status

To create a new purchase order from a template

1.Start a new purchase order following the instruction for Entering a Purchase Order
2.After selecting the customer, press OK.
3.Tap on the template to select and press OK
Screenshot of Selecting the Template
Select the Template
4.Tap on the Add Items button to enter the quantities of each of the items on the template.
5.Continue as for the instruction at Entering a Purchase Order.

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