Producing Barcodes

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Producing Barcodes

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EAN compliant Barcodes containing any of the EAN item properties (Item Code, Due Date, Production Date or Batch Number) defined in Mobileezy can be printed using a compatible barcode printer.  Printing is completed using a small Mobileezy application called Item Label Printer Application.  This application must be installed on the computer connected to the label printer to print barcode labels with item property information.

Barcodes containing item properties can be printed using the Mobileezy Item Label Printer Application.

Installing the Item Label Printer Application        Configuring the Item Label Printer Application

The Item Label Printer Application is provided with all Mobileezy installations and is easily configured.  Follow these steps:

1.Browse to the Mobileezy program folder:
Mobileezy v7: C:\Program Files (x86)\mobileezy v7
2.Copy the file mobileezy.UI.ItemLabelPrinter.exe to the desktop of the computer with the compatible barcode printer installed.

Using the Item Label Printer Application        Using the Item Label Printer Application

To use the Item Label Printer Application:

1.Double click on the mobileezy.UI.ItemLabelPrinter.exe to open.
2.Select the label printer from the printer menu.
3.Enter the item barcode in the Item Code field
4.If the item has a due date enter tick the Due Date check box and select the date from the calendar.
5.Select the Production Date from the calendar (this is a mandatory field)
6.Enter the batch code range in the Batch Code fields.
7.Press the Print button.  This will print one label for each sequential Batch Number.
Screenshot of Using the Barcode Label Printer
Using the Barcode Label Printer

Barcode symbology for barcode generation:        GS1-128 Barcodes

Mobileezy can read barcodes laid out in the GS1-128 code structure (previously known as EAN-128).  This structure is explained here.

Application identifiers in use are:




Global Trade Number (Item Code)


Batch Number


Production Date


Due Date


Packaging Date


Best Before Date


Expiration Date


Serial Number


Internal Company Code 1

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