Managing Payment Types

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Managing Payment Types

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Payment types are not imported from your Accounting System and therefore must be setup separately in Mobileezy.  If you intend to apply payments to sales transactions directly on the Mobileezy Handheld Software or from Desktop Order Entry System you will first need to configure the available payment types in the Desktop Administrator.  There are 3 default payment types in Mobileezy; None, Cash and Cheque, any additional types will need to be configured. This is done from the Payment Types tab under the Setup icon.

Creating new payment types        Creating new payment types

To create new payment types:

1.Go to the Setup icon and select the Payment types tab
2.Click on the New button
3.Enter the payment type name in the Payment Method Name field
4.Press the OK button
5.Synchronise all handhelds using the full sync operation

Editing payment types        Editing payment types

To edit payment types:

1.Click on the Horizontal Open Arrow to open the payment type edit dialog
2.Edit the name of the payment type
3.Press the OK button

Deleting payment types        Deleting payment types

To delete payment types:

1.Check that there are no WIP transactions with the payment type in use.  If the payment type has been used on any transactions, either change the method on each of the WIP transactions or set the transactions to DONE or VOID.
2.Synchronise all handheld devices
3.Export all transactions from Mobileezy to the Accounting System.
4.Open the Desktop Administrator and select the Payment Types tab under the Setup icon
5.Highlight the payment type in the list and then press the Delete button
6.Close Mobileezy and Desktop Order Entry System and synchronise all handheld devices using the Full Sync operation.

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