Scheduling Non-Activity Days

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Scheduling Non-Activity Days

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A Non-Activity day is a day on which recurring schedules will never occur.  Any recurring customer or territory schedules that have been setup on a non-activity day will be automatically moved on to the next available day.

Any schedule falling on a Non-Activity day will be automatically moved to the next available day.

When Schedule Non-Activity Days        When To Use Non-Activity Days

Non-Activity days should be created when you want Mobileezy to automatically reschedule existing recurring schedules on certain days of the year such as leave days for a handheld user, territory specific public holidays or region wide public holidays.

Types of Non-Activity Days        Types of Non-Activity Days

There are two types of non-activity days in Mobileezy.

Territory Non-Activity Day:  A non-activity day that only affects a selected territory.

Global Non-Activity Day:      A non-activity day that affects the whole of system.

Non-activity days are setup under the Routing icon, under both the Global Non-Activity Event Editor and the Territory Non-Activity Event Editor.

How to Create Territory Non-Activity Days        Creating Territory Non-Activity Days

Territory Non-Activity days are created under the Routing icon Territory Non Activity Event Editor tab.  To create a Territory Non-Activity day:

1.Select the Territory from the drop down list and then press the New button.
2.Enter details including an event description, the start and end dates and then select the type of non-activity day from the drop down list.
3.Selecting a user (if the event is user specific).  If a user is not selected, the non-activity day will apply to all users who have the territory assigned.
4.Set the recurrence (if any) and then press save.
Screenshot of the Non-Activity Event Editor
Creating a Territory Non-Activity Event

How to Create Global Non Activity Days        Creating Global Non-Activity Days

Global Non-Activity Days are created under the Routing icon Global Non-Activity Event Editor.  Events created under here are applicable to ALL handheld users.

Creating a Global Non-Activity event follows the same process as for creating Territory Non-Activity Days, with the exception that there is no option to select a user.

See Scheduling Non-Activity Days.

Automatic Rescheduling of Existing Routes        Automatically Rescheduling of Existing Routes

Existing routes that have been setup via the Territory Event Editor, Basic Routing or Territory Activity Event Editor will be automatically rescheduled to the next available day if they would otherwise fall on a non-activity day.

Routes that have been automatically rescheduled will appear in green in the Territory Routing tab.

Screenshot of Automatically Rescheduled Routes
Automatically Rescheduled Routes in Territory Routing Tab

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