MYOB Territory Integration

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MYOB Territory Integration

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The MYOB Territory integration automates the management of customer territories through the use of the default salesperson set on the customer card in MYOB.  When in use, customer territories will be automatically created and then updated whenever the datalink is run.

By switching on the MYOB Territory Integration, management of customer territories is moved to MYOB instead of Mobileezy.


When to Use        When to Use

The MYOB Territory integration should be used in the following instances:

1.You plan to use Customer Territories in Mobileezy, see Customer Territories (When to Use); and
2.You are using MYOB AccountRight Classic; and
3.You prefer to manage Territories within MYOB rather than in Mobileezy; and
4.The customer cards in MYOB are setup with a salesperson on the selling details tab.

Turning on MYOB Territory Integration        Turning on the MYOB Territory Integration

MYOB Territory integration is switched on in the MYOB datalink.  To switch it on:

1.Under the Setup icon select the Datalink tab
2.Click on Datalink Setup and select the Advanced Tab
3.Tick the setting Use MYOB Territory Integration

MYOB Territory Integration_Datalink Setting

4.Run the datalink.  This will create new customer territories, one for each Salesperson in MYOB.  

How it Works        How the MYOB Territory Integration works

When switched on the system will:

1.Create new Territories under the Territories > Customer Territories > Manage Customer Territories tab for each of the salespeople in MYOB.
2.Assign all customers where the salesperson is listed under the Salesperson field of the Selling Details tab on the customer card in MYOB.

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