MYOB AccountRight Classic Datalink

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MYOB AccountRight Classic Datalink

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The MYOB AccountRight Classic datalink is the connection between Mobileezy and any of the MYOB desktop products lists in the Compatible Accounting Systems.  The Datalink must be configured initially and then run on a regular basis to ensure data consistency between the two software systems.


Steps for Initial Configuration        Steps for Initial Configuration

There are 3 simple steps for initial configuration of the MYOB AccountRight Classic datalink.  Each of these must be completed in its entirety before the two systems will be able to exchange data.

1.Register your ODBC driver with MYOB
2.Check for and rename Manifest file
3.Complete the datalink setup
4.Run the datalink.

MYOB ODBC Registration Instructions        Registering your ODBC driver with MYOB

Mobileezy uses the MYOB ODBC driver to connect to the MYOB AccountRight Classic Desktop.  The ODBC driver must be registered with MYOB for your installation prior to configuring the datalink.  You will only ever need to do this once.

Step 1: Register Online:

Australian Customers:

1.Go to and login to your my.MYOB account.  From the Register Product menu select ODBC Activation.
2.Enter your MYOB serial number; this is found in MYOB, under Setup, Company Information. The Activation Number is 9153.

New Zealand Customers:

1.Send an email requesting ODBC activation to  The email must contain your MYOB serial number and the Mobileezy activation code 9153.
2.MYOB will activate your serial number and respond via email.  You will then need to follow the step below for updating your MYOB file.

Step 2: Update your MYOB file:

1.Open the company file and login using the Administrator ID and Password. In the case of a multi-user system, you should login in under the Single User mode.
2.Once logged in, from the Setup menu select Company Information.
3.Choose the Licence button at the bottom left of the Company Information screen.
4.Follow the onscreen instructions to update the licence information held within the company file.

Once you have completed these steps, your MYOB datafile is activated for your Add-on Solution and ready for Mobileezy integration.

Check for Manifest File        Check for and Rename Manifest file

In some installations of MYOB, a manifest file is created during the installation process.  This manifest file will interfere with the installation and running of the Mobileezy application.  Before starting the installation, you will need to check for this file and rename it if found.  To do this locate Myobp.exe.manifest on the local disk of the computer with the MYOB installation and rename the file to Myobp.exe.manifestOLD.  The manifest file will be located in the same folder as the MYOB executable.  In a standard installation this will be in the location as tabulated below:

MYOB Version


File Name

MYOB Account Right Plus 19



MYOB Account Right Premier 19



MYOB Account Right Enterprise 19



Screenshot of the MYOB Manifest File
The MYOB Manifest File


MYOB AccountRight Live Datalink Settings        Completing the MYOB AccountRight Classic Datalink Setup During initial Installation

During initial installation the Mobileezy Configuration Assistant will prompt you to setup the datalink.

1.Select MYOB from the Select Backend Type drop down menu and then click Setup Datalink.
Screenshot of Selecting the MYOB Datalink
Select MYOB in the Configuration Assistant


2.This will load the MYOB Datalink Setup dialog where you will complete the configuration
3.Link to your MYOB datafile (the file extension will be .myo) by clicking Browse and then selecting the location of your MYOB datafile.
4.Enter the administrative User Name and Password for the file.
5.Locate the MYOB executable file (the file extension will be .exe) by clicking the Browse button and browsing to the location of the file.
Screenshot of Setting Up the MYOB Datalink
Setting Up the MYOB Datalink


6.Press the Next button and then the Finish button.
7.When complete press Run Datalink from the Mobileezy Configuration Assistant.

MYOB AccountRight Live Datalink Settings        Description of MYOB Datalink Settings

The MYOB AccountRight Classic datalink settings are found under the Setup icon under the Datalink tab.  These settings can be configured at any point after the initial setup, however you must be aware that altering the datalink settings can cause irreversible changes to your Mobileezy database.  It is advisable to take a backup of your Mobileezy database before altering any of the datalink settings.

General Tab:

The General tab contains 6 options for setting up the MYOB AccountRight Classic datalink, as detailed in the table below.



MYOB Company Datafile

The filepath of the linked MYOB datafile.

Address / Address 2

Defines which MYOB address is shown in the bill to and ship to address fields of sales transactions. (Defaults to Address1: Bill To)

Barcode Source

Defines the location of the source of the item barcode data. (Default is Blank)

Referral Source

Cannot be edited. Default is blank.

Printed Flag Status

Defines the status of the printed flag when transactions are exported to MYOB (Default is mobileezy Default).

Default Job Code

Defines the default job code set on all transactions. (Default is blank)

Screenshot of the MYOB Datalink Settings General Tab
MYOB Datalink General Tab


Advanced Tab

The Advanced tab contains 7 advanced options for setting up the MYOB AccountRight Classic datalink, as detailed in the table below.



Write the import file, but don't import

Writes the transaction export file to a csv file but does not export to MYOB. (Default to Off)

Append Invoice Numbers with a '.' on import

Transaction numbers are prefixed with a '.' when exported to MYOB (Defaults to Off)

Use Mobileezy product version Price

Controls whether the Mobileezy price level tabs (Customer and Item price levels) are visible (Defaults to On).

Use MYOB Territory Integration

Defines whether the MYOB Territory integration is switched on (Defaults to Off).

Do not bring across MYOB Job Codes

Defines whether MYOB Job Codes are imported into Mobileezy.  (Defaults to On)

Do not bring across MYOB pricing

Defines whether MYOB price levels A-F are imported into Mobileezy.  (Defaults to Off)

Use Location / Stock Integration (MYOB Enterprise only)

Defines whether stock locations are imported from MYOB Enterprise.  Requires Stock Module. (Defaults to Off)

Screenshot of the MYOB Datalink Advanced Tab
MYOB Datalink Advanced Tab


Custom Field/List Labels Tab

The Custom Field/List Labels tab contains two subtabs, one for Customers and one for Items.  It is where the names for custom fields imported from MYOB are defined so that they are labeled correctly on the Mobileezy Handheld Application.



Customers Tab

Custom Fields #1 to # 3 and Custom List #1 to #3. (Default to Field Name)

Items Tab

Custom Fields #1 to #3.  (Defaults to Field Name)

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