- 3 -

3G Sync

- A -

A4 Printer

Activity List

Activity Slip

Advanced Installation


Archive Period

Assigning Item Properties

- B -


Basic Preferences

Basic Settings

- C -

Card List

Client Server Installation

Creating a New Card

Creating a Sale

Creating a Template in DOES

Creating Item Properties

Creating Users

Custom Lists

IconUsing Custom Lists and Fields
IconUsing Custom Lists and Fields

Customer Details

Customer Pricing

- D -

Desktop Connection to AccountRight Live

DOES Template

- E -

EAN Item Properties

Edit PO

Edit Sales Transaction

Editing a Price Event

Editing Existing Purchase Order

Editing POs

Editing PO's

Editing Purchase Orders

Editing Routes

Enable Stock Export

Entering Sales in DOES

Export invoices

Export orders

Export Stock Transactions

Export to excel

Export to MYOB

Export to Quickbooks

Export to Reckon Accounts

Exporting invoices

Exporting orders

- F -

Full Sync

- G -

Global Template

IconSales Templates
IconWorking with Templates

- H -

Handheld Preferences

Handheld Settings

Handheld Username

- I -

Import to csv

Inactivating Routes

Instructions Field

Item Property Types

- L -

Local IP Address

- M -

Mobile PO

Mobile Purchase Order

Multplie Templates

MYOB AccountRight Live

MYOB Company File Library

MYOB Desktop Connection

- N -

Name Sales Template

New Card

New Customer

New Item Property

New Purchase Order

New Sale

New Template DOES

Non-Activity Day

- P -

Port Forwarding

Portable Printer

Price Level


Printer Selection

Profile Settings

Public IP Address

Purchase Order

- Q -

Quick Sync

- R -



Router Configuration

Runlist Report

- S -

Sales in DOES

Sales Template

Sales Template Names

Sales Templates

IconSales Templates
IconSales Templates

Sales Transaction

Selecting Usernames

Special Pricing

Special Pricing Export

Stock Locations

Supported Hardware

Supported Printer

Sync Setup

Synch setup


IconConnecting Handheld devices
IconConnecting Handheld devices

System Settings

- T -

Template List

Template Sharing

Templates on Handheld


Territory Routing

IconScheduling Customer Routes
IconScheduling Customer Routes

Time Billing

- U -

Update Pricing

- V -

View Territory Schedule

Viewing customer cards

- W -

When to Use Territories