The Items List

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The Items List

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All items—both goods and services—for which you can create sales are stored in the Items List.  The Items List is created in your accounting software and transferred to Mobileezy when the datalink is run.  The Items List is then updated on the handhelds each time they are synchronised.

You need to assign an item—as well as a customer card—to each sale you create in Mobileezy to successfully synchronise the transaction with your data file. As items are so important to this process the Mobileezy system is designed so that they are controlled centrally; as such, items can only be created and edited in your accounting software.

Items can only be added, edited and removed from Mobileezy by making the changes in the Accounting System and then running the datalink.


Accessing the Item List         Accessing the Item List

The Item List can be access by two methods; through the customer card, or during the addition of items to a sale.  It is preferable to access the list through the customer card as this does not require the initiation of a sale transaction.

Through the Customer Card:

By accessing the item list through the customer card you will see a list of items complete with pricing that is specific to that customer.  To access the item list from the customer car:

1.From the Cards tab
2.Tap on Cards List button
3.Locate the customer whose item list you would like to review.
4.Open the customer card and tap on the Item List button.
Screenshot of Accessing the Item List through the Customer Card
The Card Detail screen

During a Sale:

To view the item list during a sale, you must first have started a sale transaction.  Simply tap on the Add Items button to view the item list.

Changing the Item List Display        Changing the Item List Display

There are three options for display in the item list; Price, Item # and On Hand.  Changing the Item List display will alter the information that is visible on the handheld.

1.To change the display of the Item List, tap on your preferred display in the menu header.
Screenshot of the Changing the Item List display
Changing the Display
2.The Price display will show items in alphabetical order by the item description (descriptions starting with a numeral will be displayed first).  The display will show item pricing specific to the customer accounting for any price levels or special pricing and discount events that have been set up in the Desktop Administrator.
Screenshot of the Price Item List Display
Price Display
3.The Item # display will show items in order of their item number or SKU.  The display will show both item # and item description information.
Screenshot of the Item Number Item List Display
Item # Display
4.The On Hand display will show items in alphabetical order by the item description (descriptions starting with a numeral will be displayed first).   The display will show item description and the quantity on hand at the logged on stock location (if using the Stock Module).  If stock values are being drawn directly from the Accounting System, this screen will show the on hand value from the Accounting System from the last datalink and synchronisation.
Screenshot of the Item List On Hand Display
On Hand Display

Using the Look Up and Find Functions        Using the Look Up and Find Functions

The Look Up function is useful if you know the first letters or numbers in the item description or item code and want to quickly scroll to that specific item.  To use it, start typing the first letters of the word in the Look Up field, this will automatically scroll to the area in the list where that item is found.

Screenshot of the Item List Look Up
Using the Item List Look Up

The Look Up field will refer to a different field dependent upon the Item List display setting.

Display Setting

Reference Field


Item description

Item #

Item number

On Hand

Item description

The Find function is useful when you know a part but not all of the item description or item # or when you want to find an item by its maximum price or the availability of stock.  To use the find function tap on the Find button from the Item List and then enter information about the item you want to find.  After entering values press the Ok button to display results from you Item List.  Press Cancel to return to the full Item List.

The Item Search fields function as follows:

Search Field


Name contains

Displays items where the item description contains the characters entered.

Item # contains

Displays items where the Item Number contains the characters entered

Maximum Price

Limits results to only display items with a price lower than the value entered

Item In Stock

If checked limits results to only show in stock items

Adding and Deleting Items from the Item List        Adding and Deleting Items from the Item List

Items cannot be added to, or deleted from the Item List directly in Mobileezy.  All additions and deletions must be completed in your Accounting System and then transferred to Mobileezy via the datalink and synchronisation.

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