Reporting on Item Properties

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Reporting on Item Properties

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Reporting on item properties is completed using a single report called the Item Properties [Summary] report.  This report allows you to search for transactions containing specific item properties, enabling the identification of invoices and customers who have received product with this detail.  This can be useful for identifying sales of products with a particular batch number for product recalls.


The Item Properties [Summary] report is located on the Desktop Administrator under the Reporting tab.


The Item Properties [Summary] report is used for reporting on transactions with specific item properties.


Using the Item Property [Summary] Report        Using the Item Property [Summary] Report

1.Open the report by clicking on either the Open Report Icon or the Display button.
2.From the report filter window select the transaction date range and date type and the press the Add button to add the property type to the filter.
Screen shot of the Item Property Report Filter
The Item Properties Report Filter
3.Select the item property type from the drop down list and then enter the property criteria and select the match type (exact match, contains, starts with or ends with).
Screen shot of Selecting Item Property Criteria
Enter the Item Property Criteria
4.Press the Ok button to save this property.
5.If you are search for invoices with multiple item properties, continue adding item properties until all properties are added.
6.When all properties are added, select the product codes you are searching for.
Screen shot of Selecting Product Codes
Select the Product Codes
7.Press the Ok button to display the report.  Transactions with the selected property will be displayed.
Screenshot of the Item Properties Report
The Item Properties Report

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