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Using this Guide

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The Mobileezy User Guide is published online to enable easy access for all users.  This guide is intended to help you to use the software - to get the best use out of it you will need to be familiar with a few concepts that have been used throughout.


This guide is published for your use - to get the most out of it, read this topic for familiarity with themes used throughout.


Topics and Subtopics        Topics and Subtopics

Topics are used to organise this user guide into relevant components.  Each topic is given its own entry in the table of contents, for example you are currently reading the topic How to Use this Guide.

Each topic is provided with a separate page within which you will find subtopics listed in a heading font.   Subtopic text is stored within toggles, a method that has been used to enable rapid scanning of the page for help titles relevant to your current interest. To expand a toggle to view the subtopic detail, click on the heading, the toggle will open downwards to reveal detailed information.  Click on the heading a second time to minimise the toggle.

Subtopics contain detailed information, step by step instructions for completing specific tasks and in some cases descriptions and technical specification of areas of the system.

Overview Pages        Overview Pages

Topics are headed up with overview pages designed to give an overview of the information you will find in the pages below.  The overview pages each have entries in the table of contents and they each contain links to the topics below as well as to other topics that are relevant.

Sections        Sections

The user guide is divided into sections which are at a higher level than the overview pages in the table of contents.  The sections are Getting Started, Setup, Desktop, DOES, Handheld and Optional Modules.  Each section has a section heading which describes what you will find in the section below and where the section fits in with your learning.

Viewing Software Screenshots        Viewing Software Screenshots

Many of the software screenshots you will find throughout this guide are enclosed within toggles.  This mechanism has been used to reduce the size of the screenshots and allow you to chose whether or not to view the image file.

To view a screenshot within a toggle simply click on the reduced size image and the image will be maximised..
To reduce the image and return to the guide click on the enlarged image to minimise it.

Try this with the image file below:

Mobileezy Logo

Navigation        Navigation

Table of Contents:  The table of contents can be used to navigate your way through the user guide
Links:  Hyperlinks to other user guide topics and subtopics are scattered throughout the content to help direct your reading to relevant referenced topics.
See Also: At the bottom of each topic page you will find links to other topics in a See Also section.  These are designed to point out related topics that may provide additional information to the current topic.

Search        Search

The User Guide has a search function that can be used to find specific information within the page content.  To search for a word or string or words:

1.Click on the magnifying glass above the table of contents
2.Type the search term in the search field
3.Press the submit button.

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