Using Head Office Accounts

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Using Head Office Accounts

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Mobileezy Head Office Accounts allows the nomination of customers to be used as head offices, and assign other customers to these head offices. Any sales that are made to the  assigned account (branch offices) will be automatically assigned to the head office customers. Any transactions to a customer who has been assigned a head office with be imported into your accounting software to the head office account with the head office in the bill to address field and the Branch office in the ship to address field.  The head office will also appear in the Bill To field and the branch office in the Ship To field of both the Invoice Replication Report and the handheld reports.

Head Office Accounts should be used for any customers that have more than one shipping address in the Accounting System as Mobileezy is limited to one Bill To and one Ship To address per card.


When to use Head Office Accounts        When are Head Office Accounts required?

Head Office Accounts are used when you deliver product or make a sale to one customer, but you want the bill to go to a different customer in your Accounting System.  It is generally used in the following circumstances:

1.Some customer records in the Accounting System have more than one ship to address to a single bill to address.

In your Accounting System some of your customers are setup with more than one ship to address in their card/account record.  In this case you would need to create separate records for each of the ship to addresses and associate these together using the Head Office accounts function in the Desktop Administrator.


2.Deliveries are made to a branch office and all bills need to be sent to the head office

You have sales reps conducting regular sales visits to multiple branches of a single chain of stores, for example service stations or fast food/convenience stores.  The branch office does not get billed directly, instead you are required to send all invoices to the head office.  In this case, each of the stores and the head office are setup as separate customer records in your Accounting System and the customer records are associated together using the Head Office accounts feature in Mobileezy.

Profile Settings Required to Enable Head Office Accounts        Profile Settings Required to Enable Head Office Accounts

There is one profile setting that affects the behaviour of the Head Office Accounts on the Mobileezy handheld.  This will need to be set to Yes to enable head office account functionality on the handheld.

Profile Setting


Automatically Bill to Head Office

Controls whether sales made on the Handheld or in Desktop Order Entry System are automatically billed to the Head Office card (Defaults to No)

Setting up Head Office Accounts with MYOB or Xero        Setting up Head Office Accounts with MYOB or Xero

To set Head Office Accounts up with MYOB or Xero, a separate customer card must be created for each of the branch offices as well as the head office.  After creating each of the separate customer cards, run the datalink to bring the customers into Mobileezy and then link the branch offices to the head office in the Desktop Administrator.

Head Office Accounts with Reckon Accounts        Setting up Head Office Accounts with Reckon Accounts

If you have parent cards setup in Reckon Accounts and you would like sales created to the child accounts in the Mobileezy Handheld Application to automatically bill to the head office, set Use Parent Cards to Determine Head Offices to be true.  This can be done in two ways.

1.Under the Head Offices icon, place a tick in the Use Parent Cards to Determine Head Offices checkbox.  Any setup already completed under the Head Offices icon will now be overridden.

Head Office Accounts_Use Parent Cards Setting

2.Under Advanced System settings, set UseParentCardAsHeadOffice to be true.

Head Office Accounts_Advanced Setting_Use Parent Cards

To automatically bill to the parent card the profile setting Automatically Bill To Head Offices will also need to be set to true.

Assigning customers to Head Offices        Assigning Customers to their Head Offices in the Desktop Administrator

Head Offices are managed under the Head Office icon in the Desktop Administrator.  To complete the setup each of  the branch office records (ship to customers) must be assigned to the head office records (bill to customers).  To do this:

1.From the Head Office icon, select the Head Office Card from the drop down list.  You can also type the customer name in the Head Office Card field to find their name.
Screenshot of selecting Head Office customers
Select Head Office Customers
2.Select the branch office customers from the Unassigned Customer window by clicking on their name.  To select multiple customers at once hold down the Ctrl key.
Screenshot of select Branch Office customers
Select Branch Office Customers
3.Press the Assign_Left_Arrow to assign the customers to the branch office.
Screenshot of assigned Branch Office customers
Assigned Branch Office Customers
4.Once the branch office has been assigned to a head office, it will no longer appear in the Unassigned Customers window.

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