Creating Handheld Users

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Creating Handheld Users

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A handheld user represents each unique device that connects to the Desktop Administrator.  The number of handheld users that you can connect to the Desktop Administrator is controlled by your software licence.  This number of users is referred to as your handheld user licence count.

Handheld users must be created to enable synchronisation between the handheld and Desktop Administrator.

One handheld user is required for each device in use.

Reasons for creating Handheld users        When to Create New Handheld Users

You will need to create new handheld users in the following circumstances:

1.When you first install and setup Mobileezy
2.If you increase your handheld user licence count
3.If you deactivate handheld users in order to create new ones

Creation of Handheld Users during installation process        Creating Handheld Users during Initial Installation

During first installation, the Mobileezy configuration assistant will trigger the creation of new users.

1.From the user setup screen, press the New Handheld User button
Screenshot of new user setup screen
Press the New Handheld User button
2.Enter the Handheld User Name and press OK. Be careful when selecting the handheld username, as users cannot be deleted or edited once they have been created. See Tips for selecting handheld usersnames for assistance with choosing usernames.
Screenshot of entering the handheld user name
Enter the Handheld User Name


3.The user you have just created will now be visible in the configuration assistant window.  Subsequent users can be created in the configuration assistant, or alternatively they can be created directly from the Desktop Administrator after installation is complete.
Screenshot of New Handheld User Created
Handheld User Created

Creation of Handheld Users in the Mobileezy Desktop Administrator        Creating Handheld Users from the Desktop Administrator

New users are created in the Desktop Administrator Setup tab.

1.To create a new Handheld User, select the Setup icon and then the Users tab.
Screenshot of Creating Handheld User from the Desktop
Create New Users in the User tab under the Setup icon


2.Enter the Handheld User Name in the dialog box and then press the OK button. Be careful when selecting the handheld username, as users cannot be deleted or edited once they have been created. See Tips for Selecting Handheld Usernames for assistance.
Screenshot of entering the Handheld User name
Enter the New Handheld User name
3.The Handheld user will now appear in the list of users in the user tab.
Screenshot of New Handheld User
The New Handheld User

Tips for Selecting Handheld Usernames        Tips for Selecting Handheld Usernames

The handheld username cannot be edited after it has been created.  When creating the username, you should consider the device itself rather than the person who will be using the device at the current time.  This is because the individual employee will always log on to the device with their employee name before creating transactions, and the device may be used by a variety of different employees over time.

Examples of how to name the handheld user name are:

1.By Number: Naming the handhelds by a number or letter is best practice as the device is then not locked to a person or location.  Use the method Handheld A, Handheld B, Handheld C or Handheld 1, Handheld 2, Handheld 3 etc.
2.By Location: Naming the devices by location is an option if you have multiple locations and the devices will operate out of these.  An example of this is Melbourne 1, Melbourne 2, Brisbane 1, Brisbane 2 etc.  Using this method can be problematic if your locations change or a handheld needs to be moved from one location to another.
3.By Vehicle:  Naming the devices by vehicle is an option if the device will always be situated in a particular van or truck.  If you use this naming convention it is better to name the devices Van 1, Van 2 etc as opposed to using the vehicle registration number as the registration number may change.

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