Exporting Transactions

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Exporting Transactions

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An important feature of Mobileezy is the ability to export handheld transactions to the Accounting System.  This is a process that is either performed manually (where each transaction can be reviewed, printed or emailed before export) or by configuring the system settings to automatically export during a handheld synch.

Handheld transactions can be exported from the Completed Transactions tab, or automatically during handheld sync.

Exporting Completed Transactions        Exporting Completed Transactions to the Backend Accounting System

To export completed transactions to the Accounting System:

1.From the Transactions Icon, select the Completed Transactions tab.
2.Flag or mark the check box of each transaction by either putting a mark in the Check Box checkbox individually or using the Flag All Button to check all the transactions.
3.Press the Export Data Button button to export to the Accounting System.

Note: See some common errors when exported to the Accounting System in the Unreconciled Transactions section.

Exporting Activity Slips        Exporting Activity Slips

Activity slips created using the handheld can be exported to MYOB from the Transactions icon.  See Exporting Activity Slips.

Exporting Stock Transactions        Exporting Stock Transactions

Stock adjustment transactions can be exported to MYOB AccountRight Classic Premier, MYOB AccountRight Classic Enterprise and MYOB AccountRight Live when using the Stock Module. See MYOB Stock Integration for instructions.

Configuring Automatic Export of Transactions during Sync        Configuring Automatic Export of Transactions during Sync

Mobileezy can be configured to automatically export transactions during each handheld synchronisation.  Configuring the system in this way will mean that transactions cannot be viewed or edited in the Desktop Administrator or Desktop Order Entry System before being exported to the Accounting System.

To configure:

1.From the Setup icon go to the System Settings tab
2.Search for the setting Export Transactions during Sync
3.Select either Only During Full Syncs or On All Syncs
4.Close and then reopen Desktop Administrator

During the next synchronisation all transactions will be automatically exported to your Accounting System.  Desktop Administrator does not need to be open to enable this feature.

Note: Synchronisation speeds and performance of desktop software may be affected, particularly where large numbers of handheld devices are in use.

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