Exporting Activity Slips

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Exporting Activity Slips

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Activity slips are used for recording time billed service transactions as well as non-billable time.  They are only compatible with MYOB as the Accounting System.  When the Accounting System is not MYOB, the completed activity slip tab will not be visible in the Desktop Administrator.


Activity slips synchronised from the handheld are visible in the Completed Activity Slips tab.


Exporting Completed Activity Slips to MYOB        Exporting Completed Activity Slips to MYOB

To export the activity slips:

1.Flag the transactions to be exported by clicking in the flagged checkbox individually or pressing the flag all button.
2.Press the Export Data button.
Screenshot of exporting activity slips
Exporting Activity Slips
3.Slips will be exported to MYOB.
4.You will be alerted if slips do not export.  Review these in the unreconciled transactions tab.

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