Email Configuration

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Email Configuration

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Completed transactions can be sent to your customers using the email function in the Completed Transactions tab.  When using this function, emails will be sent to the default email address on the customer record in the Accounting System.

Email configuration must be completed in the system settings before emails can be sent from the Desktop Administrator.

Configuring Email System Settings        Configuration of Email System Settings

To configure the email feature, the first thing you will need to do is complete the email configuration in the system settings table. This will enable Mobileezy to send mail through your email server.

Go to Setup > System Settings and scroll down to the Email section to locate the fields that need to be completed.



Mail Server Address

The Outgoing Mail Server (SMPT) Address

Mail Server Port

The outgoing mail server port. Default is 25

Mail Server Use SSL

Sets whether outgoing mail server uses SSL. Default is False

Mail Server User

The Mail Logon User Name

Mail Server User Password

The Mail Logon Password

To locate the information for each of these fields in Outlook, do the following:

1.Go to File -> Account settings. Select your email account and click Change.
2.Enter the address that you find under Outgoing mail server (SMTP) in the Mail Server Address field in Mobileezy
3.Enter the User Name provided in Logon Information in the Mail Server User field in Mobileezy
4.After completing the steps above, click More Settings in the same Outlook window and go to the Advanced tab. Enter the value you find in the Outgoing Server (SMTP) field in the Mail Server Port field in Mobileezy.
5.Type in the password in Mail Server User Password text box. This is your Mail server password, which you may need to obtain from your records or IT provider.

Email Configuration for Gmail Accounts        Email Configuration for Gmail Accounts

To configure Mobileezy to use a gmail account, you will need to configure system settings in the Desktop Administrator as well as security settings in gmail.

In Mobileezy:

Enter the system settings as found in the table below:



Mail Server Address

Mail Server Port


Mail Server Use SSL


Mail Server User

gmail address

Mail Server User Password

gmail password

In gmail:

In your gmail account you will also need to enable less secure apps.  To do this:

1.Log into gmail via your web browser
2.In the top right, select the drop down arrow next to your email name and select Account
3.Select the Security tab
4.Select settings under the Access for less secure apps section
5.Set to Enable
6.Press Done
Screenshot of Configuring the Gmail Setting
Gmail Setting

Configuration of the Email Template        Configuration of the Email Template

After configuring Mobileezy to send email, you now have the option of customising the Subject and Body of the email, as well as the email address from which the email is sent.

On the Desktop Administrator go to Setup > System Settings and complete the field as detailed in the table below.




Mail Message <Body> Template (transactions)

Text that will appear in the body of the email message.

Please find attached your invoice.  Contact us immediately if you are unable to open the invoice.

Mail Message <From> Template (transactions)

A name describing who the email message is from.  Do not use an @ sign in the description.

Mobileezy Cash and Carry

Mail Message <Subject> Template (transactions)

Text that will appear in the subject line of the email.

Please find your invoice attached.

Your Mobileezy templates can be enhanced with system fields by using Macros see Email Configuration.

Advanced Configuration of the Email Template Using Macros        Advanced Configuration of the Email Template Using Macros

The email feature has inbuilt macros that can be used to add custom fields to your email templates. These macros are rules that will enable you to customise the emails that are sent to your customers with details specific to your company name, customer name or invoice details. Using macros you can also configure Mobileezy to display transaction properties in the emails sent to your customers.

To add a customised field, use any of the Macros in the table below when creating your template.  Macros can be used in either the Mail Message Subject or Mail Message Body field and must be prefixed with the ‘@’ character.




Balance on InvoiceTransaction


Billing Address


Bill To City


Bill To Company Name


Full Name of the Contact on the Billing Address


First Name of the Contact on the Billing Address


Last Name of the Contact on the Billing Address


Billing Address State Name


Billing Address Postcode or Zipcode


Transaction Grand Total


Transaction Number


Transaction Creation Date


Employee who Created the Transaction


Customer Name


Current Date


Date Synced


Customer Email


Employee Name


Total Excluding Tax


Customer Fax Number


Customer Phone Number


Payment Date


Amount Paid


Payment Account


Payment Comment / Memo


Printed Name on the Transaction


Purchase Order Number


Total Tax Amount


Shipping Address


Ship To City


Full Name of the Contact on the Shipping Address


First Name of the Contact on the Shipping Address


Last Name of the Contact on the Shipping Address


Shipping Address State Name

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