Creating DOES Users

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Creating DOES Users

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A Desktop Order Entry System user (also referred to as a Desktop user) represents each individual logon to the Desktop Order Entry System.  The number of DOES users that can concurrently use Mobileezy is controlled by your Mobileezy software license.  This number of users is referred to as your Desktop user license count.

A desktop user is required for each person that will need to logon to Desktop Order Entry System.

When DOES users must be created        When to create DOES Users

DOES users will need to be created when:

New Installation: Mobileezy is first installed and user access to Desktop Order Entry System needs to be setup
New Users: The Desktop Order Entry System user licence count is increased
Deactivated User: Users are deactivated and new users need to be created

Creating DOES users during intial installation        Creating DOES users during initial installation:

1.From the user setup screen, press the New Desktop User button
Screenshot of creating a new DOES user
Creating a new DOES user


2.Select the Employee name from the Desktop Employee User drop down list.  The list displayed here is the list of employees or salespersons in the Accounting System file linked to the Mobileezy database. Press the Ok button.
Screenshot of creating the new user
Entering the user name


3.The user you have just created will now be visible in the configuration assistant window.  Subsequent users can be created in the configuration assistant, or alternatively they can be created directly from the Desktop Administrator after installation is complete.
Screenshot of new desktop user
The new desktop user


Step by step instruction for creating DOES users        Creating DOES users from the Desktop Administrator

New users are created in the Desktop Administrator Setup tab.

1.From the Desktop Administrator, select the Setup icon and then the Users tab.
Screenshot of the new user setup screen
Creating a new DOES user from Mobileezy


2.Press the New Desktop User button and select the Employee name from the Desktop Employee User drop down list and press the OK button.
Screenshot of entering the username
Entering the username


3.The user you have created will now appear in your list of users.  The check box in the Desktop User column will be ticked, indicating that the user is a desktop user.
Screen shot of new user created with deskto user ticked
New DOES user created

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