Installing the Desktop Application

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Installing the Desktop Application

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Installation of the Desktop Administrator is guided using the Mobileezy Setup Wizard.  Before starting the installation, make sure that you have an internet connection and you have completed the checklist below:

Preparation is critical for a painless installation.  Make sure that you follow the instructions in the pre-installation checklist before starting the install.


Before you Start - Pre-installation Checklist        Before you Start - Pre-installation Checklist



Required For

Install Microsoft Windows Updates

Run all Critical and Recommended Windows updates  by going to Windows Update from the control panel on your PC.

All Installations

Regional Settings

Check that your PC’s regional settings are set to English Australia.

All Installations

PC Permissions

Obtain administrative usernames and passwords for the PC.  Full administrative permissions will be required.

All Installations

Accounting System Permissions

Obtain full access to the company's Accounting System, including the administrative username and password.

All Installations

Wi-Fi Password

Obtain the password of the wi-fi router.

Wi-Fi sync only

Router Username and Password

Obtain the username and password for the router

3G Sync only

Register your ODBC driver

Register your ODBC driver with MYOB by following the instructions found in MYOB Datalink Setup.

MYOB AccountRight Classic installations only

Install the MYOB API

Check that MYOB has been installed in server version and install the MYOB API and set up the library files following instructions found at MYOB Account Right Live Datalink Setup.

MYOB AccountRight Live desktop installations only.

Backup your accounting file

Take a backup of your accounting data file.

Desktop Accounting Systems only.

Before you Start - Pre-installation Checklist        Installation Instructions - Standard Installation

The installation process is as follows:

1.To begin the installation, double click on the Setup file (you will have either downloaded this file from the Mobileezy Download page or for older installations, this file will be found in Program Files>Mobileezy v7).  The Setup file will trigger Mobileezy to check your computer and download any necessary components.
2.After all necessary components are downloaded, press Yes when prompted by the windows installation prompt.
Screenshot of the Windows Installation Prompt
Windows Installation Prompt


3.Press Next at the Mobileezy setup screen window
Screenshot of the Mobileezy Setup Wizard
Mobileezy Setup Wizard


4.Read and if you accept the terms of the licence agreement, tick the I accept the terms of the License Agreement checkbox.
Screenshot of the Licence Agreement
Mobileezy Licence Agreement


5.For a standard installation press the Install button.  The database will be installed in the default location C:\ProgramData\mobileezy v7\Data.

Note: For a client - server installation press the Advanced button.  See Installing the Desktop Application (Client - Server). 

6.Press the Install button to launch the Mobileezy Installer.  When the installer has completed the installation, press the Finish button to launch the Mobileezy configuration assistant.
Screenshot of the Completed Mobileezy Setup Wizard
Mobileezy Setup Wizard Completed
7.When the configuration assistant launches, press the Next button.
8.Enter your Activation Code or software Licence Key into the relevant field, press the Activate Licence button and then press Next. If you are installing a trial, the activation code will have been sent to you in an email.
Screenshot of the Activating Mobileezy
Activating the Mobileezy Licence
9.You will now be asked to configure the link to your Accounting System.
Screenshot of Datalink Configuration
Select the Backend Accounting System
10.Select the relevant Accounting System from the drop down list and follow the steps for configuring the Datalink for your Accounting System using instructions below:

MYOB AccountRight Classic (Premier & Premier Enterprise)

MYOB AccountRight Live

Reckon Accounts



Installation Instructions - Advanced or Server Installation        Installation Instructions - Client - Server Installation

A Client-Server installation is required if you have multiple users using Desktop Order Entry System on separate PC's.  To complete such an installation, you must first install Mobileezy on the server, and subsequently install Mobileezy on each of the client PC's linking them to a shared Mobileezy datafile.

To complete a client - server installation:

1.Install Desktop Administrator on the server by following the instructions for Installing the Desktop Application (Standard Installation).  Make sure you write down the location of the datafile and configure the file to be shared with each of the client PC's.
2.Install Desktop Administrator on each of the client PC's by following the instructions for Installing the Desktop Application (Standard Installation), and after accepting the terms of the licence agreement press the Advanced button.
Screenshot of the Licence Agreement - Advanced Button
Mobileezy Licence Agreement - Advanced
3.Select the location for the Mobileezy installation and then press the Next button.
Screenshot of Selecting the Destination Folder
Select the Installation Destination
4.Select the database type (MS Access is default) and then press the Change button to browse to the existing Mobileezy Database in the shared location.
Screenshot of Locating the Datase
Press the Change Button
5.Browse to the location of the shared datafile on the server and then press the Open button and then select Next from the Database Setup window.
Screenshot of the Database Setup Window
Press the Next Button
6.Select the down arrow next to Mobileezy Sync Service and select Entire feature will be unavailable, to disable the sync server component from being installed.
Screenshot of Disabling the Sync Server in the Installation Window
Disable the Sync Server from Installation
7.Press the Install button.
Screenshot of Sync Server Disabled
Start the Installation
8.If the datafile has already been configured on the server machine, the installation will finish here.  If it has not, you will need to activate the software licence and then follow the instructions for configuring the datalink and setting up users.

Desktop Order Entry System Configuration        Desktop Order Entry System Configuration

During every installation, shortcuts to the Desktop Order Entry System are setup in windows:

Windows 7 - the shortcut is configured in the start menu under the Mobileezy v7 Folder.

Screenshot of Windows 7 DOES Shortcut
Windows 7 DOES Shortcut

Windows 8 - the shortcut is configured in the tile menu.

To configure a desktop shortcut:


1.Open windows explorer and browse to Program Files (x86)\mobileezy v7\
2.Locate the file mobileezy.UI.DesktopInvoiceEntry
Screenshot of Windows Explorer
Browse for the mobileezy.UI.DesktopInvoiceEntry File
3.Right click on the file and select Create Shortcut to send a short cut for Desktop Order Entry System to the PC desktop.
4.Rename the shortcut to DOES

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