Handheld Procedures

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Handheld Procedures

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When using the handheld on a daily basis there are a number of functions that you will need to be familiar with.  This section is designed to point you towards topics within this guide that you should read.


This topic will point you towards areas of the User Guide that you should read to become familiar with daily handheld working procedures.


Sending Transactions to the Desktop        Sending Transactions to the Desktop

Sending your transactions, including invoices, quotes, orders, activity slips, stocktakes and stock adjustments to the desktop is an important process completed via synchronisation.  Read Synchronising the Handheld to learn more.

Creating Sales        Creating Sales

If you are using Mobileezy to create invoices, quotes or orders from the field, learn all about creating sales transactions on the handheld by reading Sales Transactions.  In here you will find detailed information about creating sales on the handheld.

Working with Templates        Working with Templates

Using sales templates can be an effective way of keeping track of what a customer usually purchases and can substantially speed up the sales process.  To learn about working with templates on the handheld, read Sales Templates.

Using the Sales History        Using the Sales History

Using the sales history to look up and print out previous transactions can be important in your daily working life.  To learn about this read Sales History.

Creating Activity Slips        Creating Activity Slips

If you are using Mobileezy to create time billing transactions, learn all about this by reading Activity Slips.

Creating and editing Customer Cards        Creating and editing Customer Cards

You may need to create or edit customer cards on the handheld.  Learn about this at Working with Cards.

Handheld Reports         Running Handheld Reports

There are a a variety of reports that you may wish to run from the handheld to see daily sales, payments taken, items sold or even a summary of inventory levels.  To learn about these, read Handheld Reports.

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