Customer and Item Pricing

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Customer and Item Pricing

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The first two tabs available under the Pricing icon are the Customer tab and the Item tab.  These are mainly used for reviewing any of the existing customer pricing that has been setup through either Price Levels tabs or Special Pricing and Discounts.

Pricing cannot be edited under the customer or item pricing tabs.  These tabs are used to review pricing for your customers and item list.


Terminology        Pricing Terminology

There are a few terms specifically related to pricing that are important to understand:



Base Price

The standard sell price of the item as setup in your Accounting System.  Can only be changed in the Accounting System.

Level Price

The price of the item from the customers selected pricing level.

Final Price

The final price that the item will be sold at after taking into account any set price special pricing and discount events.  A final discount will be applied to the final price.

Final Discount

Displays the final discount that a customer will receive for the item.  All special pricing discount events will be taken into account and the highest discount displayed

Volume Discount

The customers volume discount imported from the Accounting System.  The volume discount will be displayed in the final discount column.

Reviewing Customer Pricing - Customers Tab        Reviewing Customer Pricing - Customers Tab

The first tab under the Pricing icon is the Customers tab. Here you can select and display a customer individually and view all of the current prices for each item. It is also possible to narrow down the list of items by inputting search data into the Filter for item and to edit the Price Level for a customer.

Screenshot of the Customer Pricing Tab
The Customer Pricing Tab

Reviewing Pricing under the Items Tab        Reviewing Pricing - Items Tab

The second tab under the Pricing icon is the Items tab.  This displays information on current prices for each customer for a selected item.

It is possible to select an item either by the item number, or the description of the item by using the drop down filters.  It is also possible to narrow the list of customers down by use of the Filter For Customer field.

Screenshot of Item Pricing Tab
The Item Pricing Tab

Note: Level Price, Final Price and Final Discount created from Special Pricing and Discounts events will override level prices and volume discounts See Item Price Levels and Special Pricing and Discounts.

Altering the Customer Price Level        Altering the Customer Price Level from the Customer tab

The price level that a customer is assigned to can be altered directly from the Pricing > Customer tab as well as from the Customer Price Levels tab.  You may choose to alter it from the Customers tab because the effect of the price level change can be immediately seen for all of the items in your item list.

Simply select the customer from the drop down list and then select the appropriate price level from the Price Level filter on the right hand side.  The price change will be visible immediately - this will also update the customer price level assigned on the Customer Price Levels tab.

The new price level will take effect on the handheld devices next time they are synchronised.

Can Customer Prices be Exported to Excel        Can Customer Prices be Exported to Excel?

Customer and item prices cannot be exported directly to excel from the Pricing > Item tab.

To export each of the customer price lists individually, select the customer and then highlight a row by clicking on one of the items.  Then press ctrl + A to highlight the full list of items and then ctrl + C to copy the list to the clipboard.  Open MS Excel and then press ctrl + V to paste the list from the clipboard.

Viewing Customer Details        Viewing Customer Details

Customer details, including company details, ship to and bill to addresses, credit limits and notes brought in from the Accounting System can be viewed from within Mobileezy.  Additional details can be viewed from both the Customer and Item tabs by clicking on the Open Report Iconnext to the customer name.  Any customer custom lists or fields that have been imported from your Accounting System or setup in Mobileezy will be visible and editable from here.

Screenshot of the Customer Details Tab
Customer Details

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