Cost Price

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Cost Price

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The Cost Price tab displays a list of all items, along with the average cost price and custom cost price of each item. The average cost price is derived from your accounting software and is calculated by taking the total number of an item in stock and dividing it by the total cost of purchasing the item. The Custom Cost price is entered manually.

Cost Price is useful for showing the handheld user the minimum amount that an item can be sold for.  It is also possible to set Mobileezy up so that an item can never be sold at less than the cost price.  Cost price is managed under the Pricing > Cost Price tab.

Average vs Custom Cost Price        Average vs Custom Cost Price

The difference between the average and custom cost prices are described in the table below.



Average Cost Price

Imported into Mobileezy from the Accounting System.  Can only be altered in the Accounting System and will be updated every time the datalink is run.  Usually used if the average cost price displayed in your Accounting System is accurate.

Custom Cost Price

A user defined price entered through the Pricing > Cost Price tab.  There is no relationship between the custom cost price and cost prices in the Accounting System.  The value can only be edited through the Mobileezy user interface.  Usually used if you want to control cost prices.


Entering Custom Cost Prices        Entering Custom Cost Prices

Editing the custom cost price is completed in the Pricing > Cost Price tab.  Simply click in the field in the Custom Cost Price column for the item whose price you wish to update and type in the new cost price.  Custom cost price can be edited at any time.

Screenshot of Entering the Custom Cost Price
Entering the Custom Cost Price


Setting the Handheld Display        Setting the Handheld Display

The cost price that will display on the handheld is determined by setting the display filter from the top left corner of the Cost Price tab. To display the average cost price on the handheld devices, select the Average Cost Price option and to display the custom cost price, select the Custom Cost Price option.  The price to be displayed on the handheld will become greyed out.

After selecting the display, synchronise each of the handhelds for the changes to take effect.

Screenshot of Selecting the Handheld Display
Selecting the Handheld Display


Cost Price Profile Settings        Profile Settings Affecting Cost Price

There are two profile settings that will affect cost price on the handheld device.  These are described in the table below.

Profile Setting


Display Cost Price

Controls whether the cost price is displayed on the handheld item details screen. (Defaults to No)

Enforce Minimum Price (Cost)

Controls whether the handheld user can set a price below the cost price for the item.  If yes, the user will get a warning dialog preventing the price from being added to the order. (Defaults to No)


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