Setting up Container Tracking

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Setting up Container Tracking

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The Container Tracking Module is used to keep track of containers at both your customer locations and your own warehouse or van locations.  There are a number of setup steps that need to be completed to configure the system behaviour.  These include setting up the container as a separate item in the Accounting System, configuring the relationship between the container and content item and setting the handheld profile to automatically track containers and enable customer sites to act as stock locations.


To track containers both the container item and the content item must be setup as separate items in the Accounting System and then associated in Mobileezy.


When to Use Container Tracking        When to Use Container Tracking Module

The Container Tracking Module should be used whenever an item you sell is sold within a container, but the container itself is not sold but is collected and then reused.  Containers are left at customer locations for a period of time until the container contents are consumed and the container is then collected.

You should use this module when you want to keep track of the number of containers at your customer locations through automated processes used by the delivery drivers.

Setting up the Container Item in the Accounting System        Item Setup in the Accounting System

To enable the tracking of containers, both the container item and the content item must be setup in the Accounting System as separate product lines.

For example, if you sell bottled water in 15L containers, you would need to have a 15L bottle item and a 15L water item setup in the Accounting System.  The 15L bottle item becomes the container and the 15L water item is the water you sell.

When you have setup the separate items, run the datalink to bring these into Mobileezy.

Profile Settings        Profile Settings

There are two profile settings that should be set to enable the container tracking behaviour on the handhelds and in Desktop Order Entry System.

Setting Name

Setting Type




Use Container Item Returns system

Profile General Setting

Controls the container return system on the handheld.



Show Customer Locations in Stock Transactions

Profile General Setting

Allows stock adjustments and stock takes on customer locations in DOES.

Yes (if initial stock takes will be completed in DOES)



Configuring the Container Relationship        Configuring the Container Relationship

To finalise the setup, you will need to configure the relationship between the bottle and the content items in the Desktop Administrator.  This is completed under the Setup Icon in the Container Management tab.  This step is only required on initial setup or if you have new content or container items to track.

To complete the setup:

1.Open the Desktop Administrator, select the Setup icon and then the Container Management tab
2.Select the Item code of the Container from the Container Item drop down list
3.Select the content item from the Unassigned Items window by clicking on it (to select multiple items hold down the CTRL key)
4.Press the Assign_Left_Arrow to assign the content items to the container item.
Screenshot of Setting up Container Tracking
Completing the Setup

Item Territories        Item Territories

For container tracking to work effectively, all container and content items must be available to the handheld device.  If you are using item territories, ensure that both the container and content items are available in the item territory assigned to the handheld user.

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