Container Returns on the Handheld

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Container Returns on the Handheld

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When setup as described in Setting up Container Tracking, Mobileezy will trigger the handheld user to record a container return whilst completing a sale on the handheld for any item that has been configured under the Container Management tab.  It will also automatically complete a stock adjustment of the container item from the users' logged on location to the customer location for the quantity of content item sold.  This topic will provide you with instructions on how to use container tracking on the handheld.


A container return will be triggered on the handheld whenever a sale is made for one of the content items setup in Container Management.


Recording Returns        Recording Returns

To record the returns on the handheld:

1.Start a sale as described in Managing Sales.
2.Set the sales type to Invoice.
3.Add items to the invoice, including the content item (not the container) and the press OK
Screenshot of the Item Sale Screen
Adding Items
4.This will trigger the Returns screen.
5.Tap on the container item you are returning.
Screenshot of the Returns Screen
The Returns Screen
6.Enter the return quantity and press OK.
Screenshot of the Entering the Return Quantity
Enter the Return Quantity
7.Press OK again and complete the sale.

Checking Current Container Levels        Checking Current Container Levels

To view the current container levels at the customer premises the following steps are required:

1.From the Login tab logon with the employee name
2.Tap on the location name (the button below the employee name)
3.Select Customers from the drop down list
Screenshot of the Setting the Dispaly to Customers
Select Customers
4.Locate the customer you want to check the container levels for and tap on their name (this logs you onto their location to view their stock balance).
5.Tap on Cards and then Cards List.
6.Select the name of the customer you logged onto in step 4 from the cards list.
7.Tap on the Item List button and select On Hand from the tab in the header menu.
8.Scroll through the item list or enter the container item code in the Look Up field.
9.The quantity of containers is displayed here.
Screenshot of the Customer Item List
Customer Stock Level

Note: If you intend to make sales directly after checking the customer stock level, make sure that you logon to your company stock location from the login tab.

Entering Customers' Opening Container Balance        Entering Customers' Opening Container Balance

On initial setup it will be necessary for you to enter the customers' opening container balance.  This can be completed either on the Desktop Order Entry System system or on the handheld through the use of stock adjustment transactions.

To do this, follow the instructions found here under the subtopic 'Entering a Stock Adjustment on the Mobileezy Handheld Software, making sure that the From Location is set to Factory.

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