Container Returns in DOES

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Container Returns in DOES

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The container return system can also be used to record the return of container items in the Desktop Order Entry System.  The return of containers is automatically triggered whenever a sale is created for a content item that has an associated container item.

Container returns can be easily recorded during a sales transaction in the Desktop Order Entry System.

Profile Settings        Profile Settings

To enable the container return system in Desktop Order Entry System, the profile settings specified in Setting up Container Tracking (Profile Settings) will need to be configured for the Desktop Order Entry System user profile.

Recording Returns        Recording Returns

To record a container return in Desktop Order Entry System, create a new sale as described in Managing Sales Transactions.

1.Add the customer
2.Set the logged on location
3.When adding items to the sale, click in the Container Return column for any item that has a container item associated with it.
4.In the dialog window, select the container item in the dialog and enter the quantity in the quantity field.
5.Press the Select button
Screenshot of Recording Container Returns in DOES
Container Returns in DOES

Entering the Opening Balance        Entering the Opening Balance

On initial setup it will be necessary for you to enter the opening balance of containers at each of your customer locations.  This is completed through the use of stock adjustment transactions, where the Factory is entered as the From location.

To do this, follow the instructions found here under the subtopic 'Desktop Order Entry System, making sure that the From Location is set to Factory and the To location is the customer.

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