Completed Transactions

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Completed Transactions

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Completed Transactions is the area where completed invoices, orders, quotes and credits that have been created by the Handheld Users or Desktop Users in  Desktop Order Entry System are found prior to their export to the Accounting System.  When Mobileezy is first opened, this is the tab it will open to.  It is also where you will view, print, email and export transactions to your Accounting System.

Note:  Only transactions that have not been exported to the Accounting System will be visible in this area.  After export, transactions can be viewed through the Invoice Replication Report.

Sales transactions are emailed to customers and exported to the Accounting System from the completed transactions tab.

Navigation of the Completed Transaction Tab        Navigation of the completed Transactions Tab

The completed transaction tab appears as pictured below,

Screenshot of Completed Transactions Tab
The Completed Transactions Tab

The table below provides a description of each of the areas found in the Completed Transaction tab.




Completed Transaction Tab

Completed Transaction Tab

Shows the number of transactions on the listing.  (3 transactions pictured)

Open Transaction Button

Open Report Icon

Opens the completed transaction in the Crystal Reports viewer when pressed.

Flagged Checkbox

Flagged Transaction

Shows whether a transaction has been flagged for action.

Transaction ID Column

Transaction ID Column Heading

Shows the invoice / order number of the transaction. All transactions are prefixed with the User ID.

Sync Date Column

Sync Date Column Heading

Shows the date and time that the transaction was synchronised from the Handheld or created in the Desktop Order Entry System.

Type Column

Type Column Heading

Shows the transaction type, such as invoice, order or quote.

Name Column

Name Column Heading

Shows the customer name on the transaction.

Emailed Column

Emailed Column Heading

Shows whether or not the transaction has been emailed to the customer.  If an email has been sent, there will be a tick in the checkbox.

New Customer Column

New Customer Column Heading

Shows whether the completed transaction has been created for a customer newly created on the handheld device.

Note:  If a new customer is created on the handheld, but no transaction created for them, you will not see it in this area.  Once a transaction is exported to the Accounting System, the new customer will be created in the Accounting System.  You must then run a datalink and full synch on the handheld in order to see the new customer on the handheld.

Print Flagged Button

Print Flagged Button

Prints all flagged transactions when pressed.

Flag All Button

Flag All Button

Puts a check box in the flag boxes for all transactions when pressed.

Flag None Button

Flag None Button

Removes the check box from the flag boxes for all transactions when pressed.

Refresh Button

Refresh Button

Refreshes any updates or changes within Mobileezy when pressed.

Email Button

Email Button

Sends email to customer with transaction attached as pdf when pressed.

Export Data Button

Export Data Button

Exports all flagged transactions to the Accounting System when pressed.

Close Button

Close Button

Closes the Mobileezy application when pressed.

Exporting Completed Transactions        Exporting Completed Transactions to the Backend Accounting System

Emailing Completed Transactions        Emailing Completed Transactions to The Customer

To email transactions to your customer:,

1.Flag or mark the check box of each transaction you would like to send by clicking the Check Box check box individually or using the Flag All Button button to check all boxes.
2.Press the Email Button button to email the transaction to the customer. Note: The email will be sent to the email address stored on the customer record in your Accounting System.
3.Once the transaction has been emailed, a dialog box will appear and a tick will be placed in the check box in the email column for the emailed transactions Emailed Checkbox Ticked.
Successful Email Dialog

Successful Email Dialog

4.The customer will receive the a copy of the transaction as a pdf attachment.

Completed Transactions_Customer Received Email

Note: You will need to first configure your email in the system settings.  See Email Configuration.

Printing Completed Transactions        Printing Completed Transactions

To print completed transactions:

1.Flag or mark the check box of each transaction by clicking the check boxes individually or by using the Flag All button to check all boxes at once.
2.Press the Print Flagged button to print the transactions.
3.This will open the Crystal Report viewer for the selected transactions
Screenshot of Printable Transaction
Printable Transaction


4.Press the print button to print all transactions to your selected printer. Completed Transactions_Crystal Report Print Button

HINT: The transaction can be exported to pdf, excel or word by pressing the export button from the Crystal Report viewer Completed Transactions_ Crystal Report Export Button.

Voiding Completed Transactions        Voiding Completed Transactions

Transactions can be voided from the Completed Transactions tab.  This may be required if the transaction has been created by mistake or a test transaction has been completed.

To void a transaction from the Completed Transactions tab:

1.Click on the transaction to highlight the transaction row.
2.Right click the mouse and select Mark as Voided
Screenshot of Marking Transaction as Voided
Marking a Transactions as Voided

This will void the transaction, removing it from the Completed Transactions tab. Once a transaction has been voided in the Desktop Administrator there is no way to undo this action except through the Desktop Order Entry System system.

Note:  If the transaction has previously been exported to the Accounting System or manually entered, the transaction should be voided rather than marked as exported.

Marking a Transaction as Imported        Marking a Transaction as Exported

Completed Transactions can be marked as exported from the Completed Transactions tab by:

1.Click on the transaction to highlight the transaction row.
2.Right click the mouse and select Mark as Exported
Screenshot of Marking Transaction as Exported
Marking a Transactions as Exported

Note: Marking a transaction as exported will remove it from the Completed Transactions tab and set the status of the transaction to 'exported'.  The transaction will then appear in various reports as if it has been sent to the Accounting System.  Once a transaction has been marked as exported there is no way to undo this action.

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