Command Line Parameters

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Command Line Parameters

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There are a number of different parameters that can be added to the command line of a Mobileezy desktop shortcut that will result in certain behaviour when the desktop shortcut is launched.  These can be useful in circumstances, for example when you want to back-up and reset the database, enable additional staff to have access to the reports tab only, or run Mobileezy in a standalone picking mode.

How to Add a Command Line Parameter        How to Add a Command Line Parameter

Create a  Mobileezy desktop shortcut, open the shortcut properties dialog and enter the parameter name after the existing string in the Target field.

The resulting command string will be:

Mobileezy.UI.exe [path_to_db] [parameter]


Screenshot of Command Line Parameter
Editing the Shortcut Target

Available Command Line Parameters        Available Command Line Parameters

The command line parameters that are available are:


Parameter name

Start-up action


Backup the current database, put an empty one instead


Show hidden settings setup form


Run datalink update


Show Reports tab


Run standalone routing


Run in picking mode if enabled by the setting EnableStandalonePicking


Install Palm conduit for hot syncs


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