Basic Setup

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Basic Setup

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This topic is intended to point you towards areas if the system you will need to be familiar with in order to get up and running with Mobileezy quickly.  It is not intended to take you through all the setup tasks, but will simply enable you to get the system installed and components connected together.

The Basic Setup topic is intended to help you get going quickly.  When you have completed all the relevant tasks, move onto the Advanced Setup topics.


hmtoggle_plus1         Installing Mobileezy

Installation of the Mobileezy Handheld Application and Desktop Administrator is the first step in getting started.  Find out how to install the software by reading the topics in the Getting Started section.

Read Installing the Desktop Application to install the Desktop Administrator and Installing the Handheld Application to install the Mobileezy Handheld Software.

The link to your Accounting System        The link to your Accounting System

Mobileezy depends upon the connection to your Accounting System.  This link must be configured during the initial installation and then run on a regular basis to keep data consistent between the two systems.  Learn about this under working with the Datalink.

Setting up Users and Connecting the Handhelds        Setting up Users and Connecting the Handhelds

Part of the initial setup is creating the handheld users and then connecting them to the desktop software.  Find instructions for doing this at Creating Handheld Users and Connecting Handheld devices.

If you are using the Desktop Order Entry System you will also need to create DOES users.

Creating User Profiles        Creating User Profiles

The user profile controls the tasks each handheld (and DOES) user is able to perform.  It must be setup initially and can be adjusted while you fine tune they system.  When users are first created they will automatically be assigned a default profile called the * Base Profile *.  This can be simply edited to get you going quickly or new profiles can be created.  Read Creating and Editing User Profiles to understand how to get the profiles adjusted and then assigning user defaults for applying any newly created profiles to your users.

Synchronising the Handhelds        Synchronising the Handhelds

Synchronisation is integral to the Mobileezy system.  You will need to know how to setup the synchronisation and how to synchronise the handhelds so that you can send transactions from the handhelds to the Desktop Administrator on a regular basis.  Read all about it at Synchronising the Handhelds.

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