Advanced Setup

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Advanced Setup

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After you have completed the Basic Setup, you will probably need to perform additional setup tasks to configure Mobileezy to meet your specific requirements.  This topic is intended to point you towards the areas of the system you will need to be familiar with in order to complete some of the more advanced setup tasks.

The Advanced Setup tasks you need to perform will depend upon your system requirements.  Review the subtopics below to find any advanced configuration steps.


Setting up Payment Types and Shipping Methods        Setting up Payment Types and Shipping Methods

If you will be applying payments to sales you will need to configure the payment types.
If you use different shipping methods for sales made from the handheld or Desktop Order Entry System, these can be configured under shipping methods.

Configuring Item and Customer Territories        Configuring Item and Customer Territories

Item and customer territories will need to be configured if you either want to limit the customers or items available to each handheld or if you are using the Runlist Module and plan to setup customer runs.  If this is the case, then review the topics under Setting up Territories.

Using Head Office Accounts        Using Head Office Accounts

Head Office accounts must be configured in two cases:

If you deliver product or make a sale to one customer, but you want the bill to go to a different customer in your Accounting System.
If you have any customers in your Accounting System with more than one shipping address.

If this sounds like you, read configuring head office accounts.

Setting Up Pricing        Setting Up Pricing

If you have any special pricing needs that will not be configured in your Accounting System, read the topics at Working with Pricing.

Level Pricing:  For setup of up to 30 pricing levels, review Working with Price Levels.
Special Pricing and Discounts: For setup of customer specific pricing, time based pricing events or pricing for certain customer groups, read Special Pricing and Discounts

Setting up Barcode Scanning        Setting up Barcode Scanning

If you are planning to use Mobileezy to scan product barcodes directly to your transactions, you will need to setup the barcodes in either your Accounting System or Mobileezy.  There are a few options available for this:

Basic Barcoding: to setup barcode scanning where there is one barcode per product follow the instructions at Working with Barcodes
Advanced Barcoding: For setup where there is more than one barcode per product and and configuration of a different barcode per unit of measure (ie. for inner and outer barcodes), you will need to have the Advanced Barcoding & UOM Module installed and follow setup instructions under Advanced Barcoding and Units of Measure
Item Property Barcodes: For setup of barcoding where additional properties such as batch number, production date or use by date are added to the transaction, you will need to have the Item Properties Module installed and follow the instructions under Item Properties.

Advanced Profile Configuration        Advanced Profile Configuration

For an indepth overview of all profile settings review the Profile Settings topic.  This will help you to get the profile settings just right.

Configuring Email        Configuring Email

If you want to send email directly from the Desktop Administrator you will need to complete the Email Configuration.

Setting the Handheld Preferences        Setting Handheld Preferences

There are some settings that must be configured directly on the handheld device.  These settings include configuring the handheld printer, setting the period of time to retain transaction on the handheld (the archive period) and whether or not to include archived transactions in handheld reports.

To see if there are any specific preference that need to be set on the handheld, review Handheld Preferences.

Configuring Handheld Printers        Configuring Handheld Printers

If you plan to print handheld reports or transactions from the handhelds you will need to configure the handheld printer.  To do this read Printing from the Handheld.

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