Advanced Settings

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Advanced Settings

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Mobileezy has a large number of settings that are hidden within an advanced settings mode.  These are generally rarely accessed and can have a significant impact on system behaviour - depending on your use of the system you may never need to make any changes to the advanced settings.

It is recommended that the advanced settings are only accessed by users with some IT knowledge and who have developed a familiarity with the Mobileezy system.

Changes to advanced settings should only be made by experienced users.  Some changes can lead to unstable or a non-operational system.

Switching to Advanced Mode        Switching to Advanced Mode

Many of the settings are only available in the advanced mode.  To switch system settings into advanced mode:

1.From the Setup icon, select the System Settings tab
2.Right click with the mouse anywhere on the screen
3.Select Switch to Advanced Mode from the menu

System Settings_Sitch to Advanced Mode

4.Press Yes at the warning dialog

Note:  Making changes to the advanced system settings can cause significant changes to your system. In some cases these are irreversible.  It is advisable to take a backup of your Mobileezy database prior to making any changes.

Advanced Settings Description Table        Advanced Settings Description Table

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